1. K

    For Sale: Ludwigia Whites, Rare Eriocaulons, Moss.

    Ludwigia "WHITES", Rare Eriocaulons, Mosses, OtherzZ ^___^;; USPS Priority Mail = $9. Mind your weather. I take (Paypal friends/family OR ADD FEES, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle) ========================================= 5 x Ludwigia "WHITES/PINK" (These are super white/pink, and beautiful as...
  2. D

    Panda Garra Behavior With Delicate Plants

    Hi everyone. i was wondering will panda garra clean moss from brown algae. its know to eat brown algae but does it work well with delicate plants like moss. or its going to eat the moss itself.
  3. D

    Mossy Remedy (java Moss)

    Help! What could be the problem for my java moss? Every other plant in my tank are growing nicely, but only my mosses grow like this. My tank setup is pretty high tech, and I waterchange very frequent due to my daily dosing, my co2 is also optimal ,but just this java moss grows sub-optimally...
  4. R

    Java Moss Or Something Else

    Is this Java moss or something else ?
  5. S

    Need Help Saving Weeping Moss And Fissidens Fox

    My weeping moss and fissidens fox are turning browner and browner every day, im trying to figure out how to save them. Here is the current picture of the tank, you can see the browning at the moss on top and fox at the base of the tree and also at the monte carlo on the floor...
  6. K

    For Sale: *sale* Rare Ludwigia Whites, Eriocaulons, Buce Moss, Others! *sale*

    USPS Priority = $8 ==================================== ==================================== 3 x Ludwigia "WHITE" ( These are FULLY ROOTED, NOT CUTTINGS! )= $21 5 x Ludwigia "WHITE" ( These are FULLY ROOTED, NOT CUTTINGS! )= $30 10 x Ludwigia "WHITE" ( These are FULLY ROOTED, NOT CUTTINGS! )=...
  7. K

    For Sale: *rare* Eriocaulon Bolivia 2002, Eriocaulon Japan Shiga, Buce Moss, Java Spring Aka Mini Weeping Moss

    *rare* Eriocaulon Bolivia 2002, Eriocaulon Japan Shiga, Buce Moss, Java Spring AKA Mini Weeping Moss $8.00 USPS Priority. ======================================================= 1 x Super Healthy, Fully Rooted, Eriocaulon Bolivia 2002 = $30...
  8. A

    Wanted: Weeping Moss

    Need quite a bit of it. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  9. G

    How To Get Triangular Christmas Moss Shape.

    So far, after two months of tech tech high co2 low temp(72 f), most I've gotten is singular strands with some branching. It originally had that triangular shape when i first got it, so even if its not actually christmas moss, i know it has the ability to at least look like it. Do you have to...
  10. Jack McCarron

    Ada 45f - Shallow, Mossy, Shrimp

    Hey! Thanks for checking out my thread. This is my first tank. Please help me solve issues (described below) and teach me things! IMG_20181023_160713 by Jack McCarron posted Oct 23, 2018 at 4:24 PM IMG_20181023_160532 by Jack McCarron posted Oct 23, 2018 at 4:24 PM IMG_20181023_160646 by Jack...
  11. K

    For Sale: *rare* 2x2 Loose Portion Of Buce Moss!

    *rare* 2x2 LOOSE PORTION of Buce Moss! Generous Portions. $35 + $8 USPS Priority.
  12. E

    For Sale: Large Xmas Moss Mats (great For Shrimp!)

    Hi All! I got some super shrimp moss mats that are excellent additions to your shrimp tanks. I have 4 very large and dense moss mats for sale for $16 each shipped or buy all of them for $48 shipped. Each of these mats contain a black polyethylene base (shown in picture) along with a stainless...
  13. K

    For Sale: Spiky And Pointed Spear Moss Mats (wysiwyg)

    Got few 4"x1.25" mesh pads of these rarely offered moss for sale... Healthy moss grown in low light no ferts tank so it's safe you want to put this in your shrimp tanks... Asking for $20 each pads, Spiky or Pointed Spear of your choice, and if you buy 2 (1 of each or the same) it's $36... 3 and...
  14. K

    For Sale: *rares* Uncommon Plant Package, Eriocaulons, Hydropiper, Buce Moss! Wow

    USPS Priority Shipping = $8 1x1 Stainless Steel Screen Buce Moss = $15 2x2 Stainless Steel Screen Buce Moss = $40 1x1 Loose Elatine Hydropiper = $10 5 x 2+ Inch Stems Cabomba RED Belem ( This red plant grows sideways and creeps along the substrate ) = $18 5 x Cuphea Anagalloidea = $10...
  15. T

    Moss Id Please.

    Setting up my first high tech forest tank and gathering some plant info. Would someone be so kind to identify the mosses used in this Aquascape? Thanks!
  16. K

    For Sale: *rares* Ludwigia Whites, Ramosior Florida, Eriocaulons, Hydropiper, Buce Moss, Pilo Moss, Rare Plant

    USPS Priority Mail = $8 ============================================================ Buce Moss LOOSE 1x1 Portion = $18 Buce Moss LOOSE 2x2 Portion = $43 ============================================================ Pilo Moss Overgrown on Lava Rocks 1.5x1.5 = $15...
  17. 6


  18. K

    For Sale: List Of Rare Moss, Rare Stems, Uncommon Plant Package! Look!

    USPS Priority Ship = $8 ============================================== 2x2 BUCE MOSS On Stainless Steel Screen! ( This moss is NOT NEWLY TIED. It has been growing in my tank for months and months! ) = Only $45! ( Only have a few left ) ==============================================...
  19. T

    Dry Start Moss With Blender And...

    Inresearching ways to grow moss onto driftwood, one way I have seen uses a method pioneered by gardeners. Making a slurry of moss, water, and yogurt, and applying to a rock or driftwood while having high humidity and plenty of light. Now I have seen disasters where some have put far too much...
  20. H

    How Do You Use Flame Moss In Aquascape

    This moss seems to grow quite fast, I used to have a metric ton of it, but throw most of it away because I couldn't find a way to utilize it. I thought about using it as a carpet plant, but it seems too uniform - its too straight- to be used as a carpet, it also doesn't spread very well...