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  1. How To Build An Easily Removable Moss Wall

    How To Build An Easily Removable Moss Wall

    First you'll need some plastic canvas "art mesh". I used #7 in black, available on Ebay, Amazon, hobby shops, etc, along with some small plastic zip-ties. These are 4" size Measure for the size you want and put the pieces together using zip ties ** TIP: In order for everything to stay nice...
  2. burr740

    120 Gal Dutchy Freestyle - Now with 50% more Dutch!

    So this is a journal for my new 120, which replaces my long running 75 gallon. For anyone who followed the previous tank, this one will be basically the same style with just a bigger footprint. First planting, about 2 months ago. Tank 48" x 24" x 24" Marineland 120 gal CO2 GLA Grow 1...