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  1. D

    Battling Hair Algae in High Tech Aquarium, Fish Stressing Before 30 PPM CO2 Reached

    Hello, I have been running a 25 gallon planted aquarium with pressurized CO2, set up for 11 months and have been battling algae since about week 3. The tank originally had a massive diatom outbreak lasting 1 month+ followed by green fuzz and green hair algae on substrate rocks and plant leaves...
  2. S

    Monte Carlo turning white, spreading fast

    Hey all, been reading a lot on this forum over the years but this is my first post, I would greatly appreciate any help since I'm at loss and haven't been able to find a reason/solution on the forums so far. I've got a newly planted Fluval Edge 6 gallon. The plants were added 5 days ago and...
  3. D

    Monte Carlo Patches W/ Leaves Turning Translucent And Melting Towards The Substrate

    Heya all, long time forum lurker here. Most of the things that I've done in my tank have come from information that I've learned here. I thought I'll jump in and join the community finally and engage :). Would really appreciate the help. Also please let me know if this is not the right place to...
  4. O

    Monte Carlo Melting, Turning White - Advice Appreciated

    hello. I would really appreciate some help in diagnosing what issue is causing my Monte Carlo carpet to turn white and melt. My tank is approximately 2 months old. initially started as a dry start with tissue culture from bruce plant which weren't that great, then added potted from aquarium...
  5. O

    Hello! Hoping To Get Some Advice On Monte Carlo Melting, Turning White

    hello, I'm having an issue with Monte Carlo melting and turning white. it wouldn't let me put the details in this post saying its spam but I posted everything in a comment below.
  6. FishFood

    Algae Identification

    We are pretty new to the hint and just set up a tank a month or two ago and have an algae problem. We are trying to identify what type of algae that it is and what can be done about it. The algae is green kind of like dust and settles on all surfaces including plants. I think it’s blocking the...