1. rs18alpha

    Microsorum Pteropus

    Some leaves on this plant are too long. I don't want to cut the whole stem off. Is it ok to cut the leaves in half?
  2. joraan

    For Sale: Rare Microsorum Pteropus "red"+erios

    Rare Microsorum pteropus "Red"~(Red Java Fern), Had this plant for 10+ years, Leaves turns bright red under optimum condition. 2nd picture shows the size as compared to 16 oz food container. ~70$ for all pictured. Need to clear some space for more plants... 3 Big Eriocaulon sp. An son river~...
  3. L

    How much PO4?

    hello from Slovakia .... i have one question... in my tank i have plants whitch eat lot of PO4 (microsorum, bolbitis, anubias) in 300 liters tank. my question is: how much do PO4 add each day? now i am on 0,9 ppm daily.... but its too low. your experience with PO4 and this plants? i have...