1. dantaylornz

    Custom Micro Mix

    I have done a bit of reading recently about DIY micro mixes and potential issues with CSM+B and EDTA. I live in New Zealand and have previously imported CSM+B for use in my 300 litre (~75 gallon) dutch style aquarium. However, I have moderately hard tap water (8.1pH, 9dKH and GH of 13ppm) and...
  2. D

    Weekly Fertilizer Uptake

    Hey everyone! Need a little help regarding a macro solution. I've been trying to add the following 8.27 gms of magnesium nitrate 3.55 gms of magnesium sulphate 2.87 gms of mono potassium phosphate 23.84 gms of potassium sulphate All of the above is in 500ml of water. The problem is...