1. PaulB

    Inclusion Of Mgso4 In Calculator

    Is it possible to add dosing for MgSO4 for those of us using lab grade magnesium sulfate?
  2. Dustin Feagley

    Caso4 And Mgso4 Have A Glitch In The Algorithm

    Quick explanation: I used the amount(grams) of CaSO4 for 4 gallons to compare to the rotala butterfly calculator. I did it again for MgSO4. Ca was off, and Mg was way off. I calculated the same way for KNO3 and KH2PO4, but both of those were accurate. Attached is a picture of what I did, but it...
  3. E

    Csm B Composition, What Don't I Understand?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but not the planted tank hobby. I've always bought my planted tank fertilizers for my hi-tech tanks but recently I've taken a liking to organic chemistry though and at this point I want to mix my own sauce AND understand what I'm doing with these organic chemicals...