1. Joshua Nathan Davies

    Don't Panic!

    We can be very disciplined when it comes to tank maintenance and sometimes we are unable to maintain the routines for some reason. I was unfortunately out of town due to the corona pandemic and came back to my tank which needed a good maintenance. Heres how I handle it!
  2. N

    25gal Low Maintenance Scape

    hi guys. New to the forum. Just sharing out some information over one of my scapes Tank Volume 25 G Lightning- custom designed by a friend Fauna- Paskai Rainbow, Neons, Otos, Sae and 4 variants of Neo Cardinia
  3. H

    What are the Ques for adjustments in the planted tank.

    I have seen many people ( ok mainly Tom Barr) refer to listening to the plants and the tank for ques instead of testkits. Stuff like Weird plant growth ---> Nutrient deficiency Algae ----> Not enough co2/plants fish gasping -----> Too much co2 plants pearling ---> good saturation of CO2 and O2...
  4. Planted Tank Maintenance

    Planted Tank Maintenance

    Tom Barr Explains Planted Tank Maintenance