1. K

    For Sale: Ludwigia Whites, Rare Eriocaulons, Moss.

    Ludwigia "WHITES", Rare Eriocaulons, Mosses, OtherzZ ^___^;; USPS Priority Mail = $9. Mind your weather. I take (Paypal friends/family OR ADD FEES, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle) ========================================= 5 x Ludwigia "WHITES/PINK" (These are super white/pink, and beautiful as...
  2. N

    Ludwigia Tornado/curly

    Hi all, My ludwigia tornado grows more in a branched and oblique fashion than vertical. Is this the normal growth pattern? Take a look at the photos. The photos were taken with LED lights off and using a flashlight to single out the bunch better. I have a 15 gallon with CO2, Fluval stratum w...
  3. M

    Stunted Ludwigia Sp Red.

    Hello Community! I've been having some trouble growing ludiwigia sp red on my highly dense planted tank. The new leaves seem small and twisted, sometimes diagnosed as calcium deficiency or as CO2 deficiency as Tom Barr responds in almost every thread I've read. My tank: 40 Gallon planted and...
  4. Dd1880

    Narrow Leaf Ludwigia Care?

    Just picked up some nice looking narrow leaf Ludwigia at the lfs! Or at least that’s what it was labeled. I was wondering if it being planted in my gravel and dosed with niloc g thrive would be enough to keep it looking the way it did when I bought it? I have a chihiros rgb 60 set at 57% now...
  5. D

    Ludwigia Defeciency

    Hello forums I'm having trouble with identifying what kind of defeciency these ludwigia are having, my tank has been running for a week, all the other plants are doing fine. The tank is 30 litres Here are my dosings (Lean) 4ppm Potassium K (12ppm per week) 3ppm Nitrates NO³ (9ppm per week)...
  6. M

    Ludwigia Sp Red Mini Deficiency

    My Ludwigia sp red mini has been showing some unusual colors in its leaves that eventually fall off. The color is a grayish green I would say. They still show new growth but some still show these leaves. Tank is a month old. Setup and parameters are the following: 20 gallon tank Amazonia light...
  7. K

    For Sale: *sale* Rare Ludwigia Whites, Eriocaulons, Buce Moss, Others! *sale*

    USPS Priority = $8 ==================================== ==================================== 3 x Ludwigia "WHITE" ( These are FULLY ROOTED, NOT CUTTINGS! )= $21 5 x Ludwigia "WHITE" ( These are FULLY ROOTED, NOT CUTTINGS! )= $30 10 x Ludwigia "WHITE" ( These are FULLY ROOTED, NOT CUTTINGS! )=...
  8. TheLivingWater

    Ludwigia Cuba...why Is The Leaves Bending/ Curving!?

    Check out these picks and let me know why these new growths are bending and curving....
  9. R

    Ludwigia Japan Red Discoloring

    So recently my favorite plant ludwigia Japan red has been yellowing and curling not much has change with my parameter or really consumption. So I am really confused. CO2 I try to maintain a full pH drop of 1 but sometimes it's a little heavy or slightly weaker but I try to keep an eye on it...
  10. K

    For Sale: Christmas Sale For Ludwigia "whites"! 10 Stems For $38 + Ship!!!

    USPS Priority = $8 10 x Ludwigia "WHITE"!!! ALL STEMS ARE ROOTED! NO CUTTINGS! All stems are from 1st FIRST PHOTO ( Current Pic ), ranging from 3-8+ inches long rooted!!! RANDOM GRAB! = Only $38 bucks!
  11. SingAlongWithTsing

    Ludwigia Sp White Care?

    anyone have some general tips? Like if it hates hard water (specifically 9+ dkh) or a certain amount of ppm of a fert? Only thing I know is that it can grow in inert substrates ok.
  12. Sahiri

    Wanted: In Search Of Eriocaulon Ratnagiricum And Ludwigia White

    Send me a message if you have either (or both) of these species! Thank you!
  13. Razvanvirna

    Wanted: Rotala Florida, Eriocaulon Red And Ludwigia White.

    I want to buy these plants for now. Shipment will be to new york. anyone has them please contact me so we can arrange the details.
  14. K

    For Sale: *rares* Ludwigia Whites, Ramosior Florida, Eriocaulons, Hydropiper, Buce Moss, Pilo Moss, Rare Plant

    USPS Priority Mail = $8 ============================================================ Buce Moss LOOSE 1x1 Portion = $18 Buce Moss LOOSE 2x2 Portion = $43 ============================================================ Pilo Moss Overgrown on Lava Rocks 1.5x1.5 = $15...
  15. DeepMetropolis

    Ludwigia sp mini red

    Hello plant people, After reading alot on this forum since I started my hobby, I got a question of my own. Have bought Ludwigia sp mini super red twice, it starts of with an excellent growth. After I prune it and replant the stems it, the new stems get smaller leaves and stay green. the older...
  16. K

    For Sale: $$$The Best RARES Super Sale! Ludwigia White, Buce Moss, Eriocaulons, Rare Stems$$$

    $8 USPS Priority. 72 HOUR HEAT PACKS ARE $2 EXTRA! MIND YOUR OWN WEATHER! I wont be responsible for below freezing if you dont buy a heat pack! ========================================= ========================================= WHITES ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT! EVERY ORDER WILL INCLUDE MULTI...
  17. K

    For Sale: Blood Vomit Trithuria Sp, Ludwigia "Whites", Rare Buce Moss, Eriocaulons!

    USPS Priority $7.00. ================================================================= 1 x Blood Vomit = $13 3 x Blood Vomit = $30 5 x Blood Vomit = $45 ================================================================= ( These WHITES are about 50% Converted to Submerged. Still with...
  18. U

    New to the Hobby from Los Angeles

    Hey, everyone, this is my first high-tech tank, when I start something I like to jump full in. I live in Los Angeles so if anyone is aware of any aquascaping stuff here let me know. The tank: 7.5 Gallons Mr Aqua rimless bowfront Filter: Zoomed 10 Cannister Filter Light: Mr. Aqu MA 3 Feel...
  19. SingAlongWithTsing

    Ludwigia? ID

    the green stem, leaves range from green, yellow, to pink at least i think it's a ludwigia (was going by scent as dumb as it sounds)
  20. AtticusFynch

    Wanted: Ludwigia palustris

    Looking for a few stems of this - I'm told it's a good red plant option for noobs like me :)