ludwigia white

  1. Sahiri

    Wanted: In Search Of Eriocaulon Ratnagiricum And Ludwigia White

    Send me a message if you have either (or both) of these species! Thank you!
  2. Razvanvirna

    Wanted: Rotala Florida, Eriocaulon Red And Ludwigia White.

    I want to buy these plants for now. Shipment will be to new york. anyone has them please contact me so we can arrange the details.
  3. K

    For Sale: $$$The Best RARES Super Sale! Ludwigia White, Buce Moss, Eriocaulons, Rare Stems$$$

    $8 USPS Priority. 72 HOUR HEAT PACKS ARE $2 EXTRA! MIND YOUR OWN WEATHER! I wont be responsible for below freezing if you dont buy a heat pack! ========================================= ========================================= WHITES ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT! EVERY ORDER WILL INCLUDE MULTI...
  4. Ludwigia White

    Ludwigia White