low tech

  1. snarkingturtle

    Beginner 20gal low tech

    I'm starting this journal ~140 days into my first real planted tank. My priority with this tank was to learn how to grow plants. Later I will try to use my acquired experience to make a more sophisticated aquascape in a bigger tank. Tank: 20 gallon HxLxW = 16" x 24" x 12" inches. Old and...
  2. snarkingturtle

    1.5 gallon very low tech planted vase

    I'm almost a month in to my planted vase and it hasn't been a disaster. I had hair grass growing well in a mayo jar on my windowsill (despite my neglect) and instead of throwing it out I created a vase tank. Water: 50% well water: GH = 13.5 dH, KH = 10.1 dH and 50% RO. Substrate: a layer of...
  3. Jason King

    Jasons Lower Tech Scape

    Due to me being busy with personal things in life i have decided to go lower tech for now. The whole idea of this scape is for it to be lowish tech hense the plants used, co2 will not hurt but no daily trimming etc, once a week ferts For fauna I have, cherry shrimp, Amano Shrimp, Ottos...