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  1. E

    Journey to the Planted Aquarium

    About 3 months ago, a friend and fishkeeper called me to tell me of an abandoned fancy goldfish in his lobby. I've been taking in stray 'life' for years. First was a bearded dragon in college that was left behind by an associate. She stayed with me for about 5 years before passing on. Next...
  2. Dd1880

    Best All Around Substrate For Monte Carlo Low Tech Tank?

    Hi everyone! I was thinking about doing a carpet of Monte Carlo or similar looking carpet plant and was wondering what was the best complete substrate that would last years. I know aquasoil would be the best but would rather not have to change it all out after a year or two. Is there a aquasoil...
  3. B

    One Gallon Walstad Bowl

    July 24, 2019 I am aiming for a relatively low maintenance one gallon Walstad bowl with plants and livestock. Everything online points to smaller aquariums being more work maintenance wise, but I've also seen examples that give me hope. My time and labor is cheap and so is a one gallon glass...
  4. M

    Which Of These Stem Plants Will Show Different Color In Low Tech

    If any: Rotala rotundifolia, Rotala H'Ra, Rotala Orange Juice, Ludwigia arcuata Looking for a variation from the color of rotala green.
  5. S

    5 Gallon Fish Bowl

    10/5/2018 searched all over town for biggest fish bowl. Approximately 5 gal. @ Hobby Lobby = $22. Bought 10 emaciated White Clouds @ Petsmart @ $1.59 each + extra bag of water. 1 anubius Nana = $5. Wanted to wait on fish but with only 1 real fish store in Billings was lucky to get the fish I...
  6. S

    Howdy From Montana!

    1st lesson, 1965 on MN ranch, 1 gal. bowl doing well until we drove to KS for Xmas. Returned a week later, found dead fantail goldfish in middle of bowl. Hired man saved time, dumped all fish food at once. 2nd: 1978 Gladstone, ND. 20L, brown tap water from coal seam smell of petrol, UG filter...
  7. J

    Thrive C 'low Tech'

    Hi everyone. So I am relatively new to this but am a gardener that understands (well enough) the math and chemistry involved here. I am debating two routes for my low tech tanks. After some trial and error I'd like to either try Todd Barr's method with Seachem Equil (I already own like a...
  8. LRM_EXPORT_930794100452649_20181124_170406384


    Lowtech Juwel 180 corner tank
  9. F

    Another Attempt At My 28 Litre Tank

    Hi All, I'm having another go at my small low tech tank and putting a bit more effort into understanding the plant requirements and causes of algae. I've read through the Non-CO2 Methods sticky with great interest and am basically using that as my guide for now. My aim is to have a lush non...
  10. M

    Question About Water Changes / Bba In My Low Tech Tanks

    I currently have 2 low tech tanks set up. Both have small amounts of BBA that I have been dealing with for awhile. Both are pretty heavily planted with the plants listed 20 gallon long: finnex stingray w/ 1 piece of window screen and glass top / photo period 6 hours fauna: crypts, anubias...
  11. B

    Is This High Or Low Tech Lighting Im Using

    iv got a 5ft 30inch 30inch tank around 880litre running and have 2 x t5 tubes 54watt and a fluval 2.0 fresh and plant led unit 46 watt lights on at 16.00 to 23.30 I don't dose co2 or do liquid carbon
  12. J

    Hi, I Am New To Planting A Low Tech Aquarium.

    I have 3 tanks in all. a 5 gal divided with 2 betta and a divider between them.I also have a 10 gal with one betta in it and no plants so far. The 10 gal tank , that is on my computer desk has some java moss attached to driftwood and another plant attached to a rock. I have a gold white cloud...
  13. M

    Question About Dosing My Low Tech

    My tank is low tech non co2 moderately planted with crypts, anubias, and marsilea. I figured aquasoil would be enough for ferts, but should I be dosing a small amount through the water column? Not sure which nutrients will be needed with aquasoil. I have seachem flourish, Kh2po4 and kno3. Is...
  14. C

    Bba In Low Tech Tank!

    I have 200l tank,1200l/h subbmersible pump wich i run few hour a day just for flow i dont use the tube for air,Light is 2 14w Led 6500k tubes,and for the fertz as tom said i took 3x EI dosing,i cuted that to x1 (once a week)and cut that x1 in 1/3,im using diy dry fertz witch i have dissolved in...
  15. rs18alpha

    20 Gallon Long Low Tech W/ Only Crypts And Anubias How Much To Dose?

    I have a high tech that I dose EI. I'm going to set up a low tech 20 gal long with no CO2. The only plants that I'm going to use are a few different types of Crypts and Anubias. I'll be doing a 50% WC every week. I don't know how many ppm to dose my N P K and CSMB ferts? I also don't know how...
  16. G

    Greetings From The Indoor Pond Scum Growers Of The Greater Midwest Club!

    Well, that's what it feels like it could turn into sometimes... Hopefully the fine folks and information here can yield some insights into my practices to yield some better outcomes :) Best wishes, Larry
  17. rs18alpha

    Starting a low tech 20 gallon long tank. What ferts to use?

    I'm setting up a 20 gal long low tech tank. I'll be using Manzanita wood and the only plants that will be used are Anubias and brown Crypts. The fish will be Dario Dario scarlet gem badis, Bumble bee gobie and a few Oto cats and maybe some shrimp? I'm sure what kind of shrimp I'll try?? I'm...
  18. T

    Greetings from Greenville SC

    Hello! Although I've been fish keeping for a number of years, I've recently decided to convert to a planted tank. I've done some research, and my hope is to establish a low tech, low maintenance ecosystem that will benefit my fish and me too. I’m blown away by many of the gorgeous tanks I see...
  19. T

    Greetings from Greenville SC

    Hello everyone! I've just become a member and wanted to introduce myself and my aquariums. I've been fish keeping for a while now, but as I've learned more about the benefits and beauty! of planted tanks, I've decided to convert to low tech planted. My tank: 56 gallon tall 31x18x24, ~7 yrs...
  20. Phishless

    For Sale: Gone! Anubias Plants (Reduced, need to move)

    Downsizing a 55G Lo-tech to a 33G long hi-tech. Anubias all about 6-7" tall. Snails = yes Some GSA on oldest leaves. 1-Hostifolia 3 leaves 2&9-Barteri 3-Barteri (unsure variety) 4,5,6,&7 Nanji 8-Aponogeton ulvaceus bulb All shipped for $30, it will be a larger box. Looking for 1 buyer, would...