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    25gal Low Maintenance Scape

    hi guys. New to the forum. Just sharing out some information over one of my scapes Tank Volume 25 G Lightning- custom designed by a friend Fauna- Paskai Rainbow, Neons, Otos, Sae and 4 variants of Neo Cardinia
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    5 Gallon Fish Bowl

    10/5/2018 searched all over town for biggest fish bowl. Approximately 5 gal. @ Hobby Lobby = $22. Bought 10 emaciated White Clouds @ Petsmart @ $1.59 each + extra bag of water. 1 anubius Nana = $5. Wanted to wait on fish but with only 1 real fish store in Billings was lucky to get the fish I...
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    Howdy From Montana!

    1st lesson, 1965 on MN ranch, 1 gal. bowl doing well until we drove to KS for Xmas. Returned a week later, found dead fantail goldfish in middle of bowl. Hired man saved time, dumped all fish food at once. 2nd: 1978 Gladstone, ND. 20L, brown tap water from coal seam smell of petrol, UG filter...