1. D

    Micmol Aqua Air 300

    Anyone use this light or have anymore information on it? experience, etc? Looking to buy one for a new aquascape I'm doing (low light).
  2. E

    When using LEDs, what constitutes "high light" level?

    Newbie question here ... (NOTE: site admins - sorry for the double-post ... I also posted this in the "new to plants" thread ... hope that's OK ... this is my first post) I'm following Tom's guidelines and doing my homework, but before choosing a method I want to follow it is clear I need to...
  3. fablau

    Suggested light for a (cheap) 20 gl tank?

    Hello everyone, I am planning to setup a 20gl tank in my garage just for plants, but I don't want to invest too much money, it'd be a "testing" tank and a "temporary" tank where I'd put plants before to ship them. Here is the cheap tank I plan buying from Petsmart...
  4. rs18alpha

    Chichiros 8000k fulll spectrum Led white lights

    The Chichiros leds I'm using now are said to be 8000k full spectrum. The light is white. I think these are ADA knock offs? They have 7 different light intensity settings which is nice. Any body out there ever use these?
  5. rs18alpha

    Finnex planted + 24/7 SE Series LED

    Has anyone tried this light? Is it good for plants?
  6. D

    Lighting Question(s).

    Ok so im getting the light today/tonight for my Dutch, and this is the "description" 2 3/8”H x 18.5"W x 46.25"L Includes 10' grounded power cord Includes 6 6400K T5 Tubes Up to 30,000 Lumens Powder coated, textured steel housing High performance faceted specular aluminum for better light...
  7. rs18alpha

    Help! How much light do I need?

    I'll be redoing my 40 breeder soon. The lights I'd like to use are 1 Current USA Satellite 36" full spectrum 6500K 2 Chichiros 401A 16" up to 8000K these lights are white. I'll place them end to end to make them reach 36" Right now my lights are on 8hours a day. I use CO2 around 2bps Substrate...
  8. tiger15

    Light Calculator questionable?

    In my 75 gal set up, I have 3 - 48" LED strip lights with a total of 265 diodes, 112 Watt , and 13416 Lumen. Using the light calculator in, I came up with 204 PAR at substrate level, which will put my light in extremely high light regime...
  9. T

    ADA90p what light?

    As the title says, I am looking for a top of the line light for a 90p ADA aquarium (90cm long, 45 high/wide). It's going to be a high tech tank. I like the kessil 360 bu I was wondering if one would be sufficient or if I'd need two? Any other recommendations are very welcome. Price can be high...