1. J

    Opinions on the new Aqua Illumination light

    Good Day everyone, I’ve been searching and searching on what the general consensus was regarding the new Aqua Illumination Prime Freshwater. Here is the link: What are your thoughts? Price: 200.00...
  2. Bishop

    Arcadia LED T5 replacement bulbs

    Anybody used these at all? Price is super high but trying to weigh up my options so keen to get some reviews. Edit: page needs a refresh sometimes.
  3. F

    Easy Red Growth from Amazon bulb

    All of my tanks are dirted, with no pressurized CO2 or liquid ferts. In my 30 gallon scape, which is lit with a Finnex strip line, limnophila aromatica looks like this: [See left. Pardon the moss grow-out hoochy - getting ready for a rescape] I am completely satisfied with this growth. I...
  4. D

    Micmol Aqua Air 300

    Anyone use this light or have anymore information on it? experience, etc? Looking to buy one for a new aquascape I'm doing (low light).
  5. E

    When using LEDs, what constitutes "high light" level?

    Newbie question here ... (NOTE: site admins - sorry for the double-post ... I also posted this in the "new to plants" thread ... hope that's OK ... this is my first post) I'm following Tom's guidelines and doing my homework, but before choosing a method I want to follow it is clear I need to...
  6. fablau

    Suggested light for a (cheap) 20 gl tank?

    Hello everyone, I am planning to setup a 20gl tank in my garage just for plants, but I don't want to invest too much money, it'd be a "testing" tank and a "temporary" tank where I'd put plants before to ship them. Here is the cheap tank I plan buying from Petsmart...
  7. M

    Question about lighting

    I received the par data from finnex for my planted plus at 13 inches which came in at 62 par. I use a piece of window screen to cut the par by about 40% based on others testing. This puts my par at about 37 at the substrate. Some of the plants that I have in the 37 par are starting to grow...
  8. rs18alpha

    Chichiros 8000k fulll spectrum Led white lights

    The Chichiros leds I'm using now are said to be 8000k full spectrum. The light is white. I think these are ADA knock offs? They have 7 different light intensity settings which is nice. Any body out there ever use these?
  9. rs18alpha

    Finnex planted + 24/7 SE Series LED

    Has anyone tried this light? Is it good for plants?
  10. D

    Lighting Question(s).

    Ok so im getting the light today/tonight for my Dutch, and this is the "description" 2 3/8”H x 18.5"W x 46.25"L Includes 10' grounded power cord Includes 6 6400K T5 Tubes Up to 30,000 Lumens Powder coated, textured steel housing High performance faceted specular aluminum for better light...
  11. rs18alpha

    Help! How much light do I need?

    I'll be redoing my 40 breeder soon. The lights I'd like to use are 1 Current USA Satellite 36" full spectrum 6500K 2 Chichiros 401A 16" up to 8000K these lights are white. I'll place them end to end to make them reach 36" Right now my lights are on 8hours a day. I use CO2 around 2bps Substrate...
  12. tiger15

    Light Calculator questionable?

    In my 75 gal set up, I have 3 - 48" LED strip lights with a total of 265 diodes, 112 Watt , and 13416 Lumen. Using the light calculator in, I came up with 204 PAR at substrate level, which will put my light in extremely high light regime...
  13. T

    ADA90p what light?

    As the title says, I am looking for a top of the line light for a 90p ADA aquarium (90cm long, 45 high/wide). It's going to be a high tech tank. I like the kessil 360 bu I was wondering if one would be sufficient or if I'd need two? Any other recommendations are very welcome. Price can be high...
  14. geektom

    Looking for lighting help

    Hello, all. First of all, I have been keeping planted tanks for a long time, but compared to most of the posts here, I feel like I am in the Stone Age, so please be patient with me. I do not currently have any tanks set up and will be embarking on restoring a 150g tank, filtered by an 80g...