1. Kookyxogirl

    Finnex Planted 24/7cc

    Hello, Does anyone own this light? I would like to know how I should best customize it for more daylight and add more reds for optimum plant growth as it is maxed for only 3 hrs on 24/7. Would it be considered med - high light? I just purchased a 38 Gallon bowfront and it’s 24 “ deep. I have...
  2. C

    40 Breeder Lighting

    Hello all, New to the forum here and had a question that may have been answered but after going through the first several pages i did not find anything that related. Found lots of useful information about the qualities of light and how it helps plants grow but nothing on what i'm about to...
  3. K

    Atledtis Pro-1

    Saw AFA selling this unit, looks decent! Just wondering if anyone already own this unit and/or if there's any PAR data report?
  4. rjugas

    Daylight And Artificial Light

    Hi, I didn't find similar topic so I will ask you guys: How do you handle the daylight? I am lighting my tank 1pm-8pm, CO2 gassing 12pm-7pm. My windows is oriented directly towards west. Of course the sunlight is shining indirectly into the room since morning and is also shining into the tank...
  5. DeepMetropolis

    Light For My New Tank.

    Hello all, I'm planning on a new tank with the dimensions 130x50x50 cm that is about 51x20x20 inch with CO2 injected. Want to place led spots instead of a long led bar, Kessil spots are very expensive here so I had Aquamedic in mind, the specs from their site is : --- Dimensions (housing) app...
  6. skija

    Rotalabutterfly Light-calculator

    Hello , this calculator is showing PAR at water level ? or at tank bottom ? Thanks
  7. A

    Charter Subscriber Needs Help

    Hello, Thanks to Tom and others here, I learned how to grow aquatic plants. After a long time I learned enough that I gradually stopped posting, and there were plenty of people who were able to help less experienced folks. Then the three tube fluorescent fixture over my 29 gallon...
  8. Rmerriett

    Help With 90gal Lighting

    Hello folks, im looking for some advice on lighting i need for medium to high light plants. I have a 90 gallon 48x18x24. This a tank fully stocked with rainbow fish and low light plants. Crypts, vals, anubias, and a few stems. Ludwigia, and rotalla. Plants are in pretty poor shape, and...
  9. bshenanagins

    Rapidled Diy Light Kit

    Is anyone running these kits or similar DIY led setups? It seems we can get the spectrums we desire by going this route, rather than just accepting the available commercial fixtures for double or triple the price. Anyone have any experience? Or maybe explain why these have not taken off in the...
  10. A

    T5 Light

    Hello, I have a question about my T5NO light. i purchased it at homedepot says its a grow light. here are the specs Brand: Lithonia Lighting MPN (Part No.): GRW 2 14 CSW CO M4 UPC: 784231246948 Order Code: 206C17 Dimmable: No Safety Rating: UL CRI: 80 Color Temperature: 6500 Kelvin Bulb Type...
  11. A

    Medium Light Par For Midday Peak

    My goal is medium light, which from what I understand would be 40-50 PAR. However, I recently changed my lighting on my 90 gallon from 2x Planted+ to 2x XR15FW G4 and need help translating the 9 hrs of 40-50 PAR I had before to a longer light schedule that ramps up to peak intensity at midday...
  12. I

    New Lighting

    I've been gone from this Hobby since 2013 and my tank is sitting in the basement collecting dust! These new LED lights that are out on the market now , how many would be needed for a 60x18x24 . Do they make retro's for t5 ho ? are they any better than a t5 ho , I know the watts would be way...
  13. Light In Planted Tanks

    Light In Planted Tanks

    The purpose of this article is to touch upon some of the less discussed aspects of lighting, the spectrum, the differences between fluorescent lamps and LEDs as well as the factors possibly responsible for inducing red and orange coloration of plants. It builds upon my knowledge of...
  14. R

    Dsm And Lighting.

    Hi everyone! First I'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to answer so many questions. Ive pretty much managed to have every question I ever needed answered lurking these forums. The amount of time everyone puts into helping others in a such a respectful and patient manor is truly...
  15. Rodgie_III

    Cfl And Led Difference

    Greetings everyone, I’m looking at a CFL bulb with 900 lumens and, LED 821 lumens. Now I’m setting up a walstad method but the light have is the 821 lumens LED. But CFL bulb is recommended in this method. A guy in YouTube is using the 900 lumens CFL one and his tank is already 7 months old and...
  16. Rodgie_III

    Fluval spec v light

    Greetings everyone, I've been looking around and I couldn't find the answer. Does anybody knows the PAR of this light yet? I heard the 7k LED with 821 lumens is a lot brighter than the old version. When I set up this tank I wanna keep it low tech and no Co2 or any algeacide. But I want to...
  17. N

    $200 or less...LED light suggestions for 24" tank w/CO2

    I'm looking for some suggestions for a light that will do well to provide medium to high light for my upcoming tank which is 24" x 18" x 18". I plan to use pressurized CO2 in this tank. Plants won't likely be anything too difficult to keep...and I know a lot are actually low light plants but...
  18. skija

    Lux meter on phones

    Hi, i know it may sound a bit crazy but I found a lot of applications on google play store for android phones with different types of lux meter applications. These applications are able to measure lux with the light sensor or camera depending on the phone type/model , samsung , htc ......etc...
  19. A

    Two Satellite Plus Pro Fixtures?

    Hey guys, new member here. I'm setting up a high tech tank for the first time and have some questions regarding my lighting fixtures. I've seen a few topics here regarding the Satellite Plus Pro and PAR data, and it seems that this fixture might not provide enough PAR for carpeting plants...
  20. S

    Anyone hang their planted + 24/7 lights?

    Need ideas for hanging these lights. I will be suspending it from a 10 inch deep wood shelf over a 40 breeder. Is there a universal hanging kit that would work for these? I would like to manipulate the height of the light easily. Thank hou.