1. mv1175

    Schedule Setting For Ai Prime Freshwater.

    Howdy all, Anyone have any experience with setting up a schedule for AI Prime Freshwater LEDs? My googling has not found anything specific except how to use the app. I am looking for suggestions for the lighting schedule. Thanks guys.
  2. mv1175

    Led Lighting Solutions For A 90 Gallon Tank

    The dimension of the tank are 48"Wx24"Hx18"D. Will be using pressurized CO2 and ADA aquasoil. I understand that light penetration may be an issue at 24"...and that HC Cuba is on the substrate. I would be prefer to go with an LED lighting solution. Would a single Finnex Ray 2 or Fluval planted...
  3. skija

    Ati Aquablue Special T5 For Freshwater

    Hi , anyone using T5 ATI Aquablue Special for freshwater ? I know it might sound a bit stupid but i like the more white / blueish colors then the yellowish ones I want to combine 1 tube of ATI Aquablue Special with 1 giesemannn daylight Tanks
  4. 1

    Help With Fluvial 2.0 Lighting On 55 Breeder Aquarium

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon breeder aquarium and using a 48 inch fluvial 2.0 over it. The light is inside of the hood and is fixed in the center flat to the underside. Inside of the hood has white waterproof sealer. The hood sits level on top of the aquarium. Also there are glass covers on the...
  5. B

    T5 Too Much Light?

    I'm setting up a 36 x 12 x 16 tall and have a 1 or 2 x 39w t5 retrofit from one of my old reef tanks. The plan is to set up a lower tech tank to start. The light would be about 4" above the water in a canopy. Do you think 1 39w t5 would be too much light? Rotala Butterfly calculator says 28...
  6. T

    Need Help With Lighting

    Greetings. I am new to this site. I have a 110 gal tall freshwater tank. I made a few mistakes but I think I am slowly getting on a right path. I have a few questions: 1. Lighting: I have two fluval aquasky LED lights, each 35 watt, running the entire length of the tank. Is it adequate...
  7. B

    Is This High Or Low Tech Lighting Im Using

    iv got a 5ft 30inch 30inch tank around 880litre running and have 2 x t5 tubes 54watt and a fluval 2.0 fresh and plant led unit 46 watt lights on at 16.00 to 23.30 I don't dose co2 or do liquid carbon
  8. A

    Light Balance

    Hi, I'm trying to adjust my light but without a par meter I find it quite difficult. So my tank is 22" x 14" x 18" (height) and I'm currently running a 3bulb T5 combo, front to back: Sera daylight brilliant 6500k (24w 1200 lumen) Sylvania grolux, aka flora type, pinkish (24w ~400 lumen) Juwel...
  9. B

    Par Meter

    I want to buy a PAR meter because I think it can help me know what I'm doing when it comes to light. I have an ATI dimmable screen with 4 T5 80W tubes. I've looked at the Apogee MQ-510 and also looking the Seneye Reef Monitor. The Apogee seems to be a better industrial grade meter. I only...
  10. rs18alpha

    Dimmer For Twinstar 900s Led

    Does anyone know what type of dimmer will work with my twinstar? I've tried a few but the connectors won't match up, the dimmer plugs are too big.
  11. K

    Non-co2 Tank; Do I Need To Go All Out?

    Hi there! I have a 37 gallon tank that will be fully planted. It is non CO2, and I'm currently dosing at about a little less than half the recommended dosing for EI due to the tank not being fully planted yet. I'm using the DIY ferts from NilocG, which conveniently combine the macros into one...
  12. P

    Is My Light Is Ok For Low-tech Moderately Planted.

    Hello, 2 months ago I bought this tank : The fluval vista 23g Capacity : 23g Aquarium Size : 30” x 12” x 18” (76 x 30 x 45.7 cm) LED Watts : 8.4 W LED Lumens : 800 LM LED Color Temp. : 8000 K At this time, I thought that my light was way to weak to grow plants,so I bought a T5HO 2x24w...
  13. J

    Lighting Choice For An Ada 30c

    So I have a micmol aqua air 300 series over my 30C as of now, it's very powerful, but just cant get any color out of red plants. I can can get an AI Prime HD freshwater for a really good price or I could get an Twinstar 300E for around the same price. Anybody have experience with both of these...
  14. B

    Transform A 4 T5 Ramp 55cm 24w To 59 Cm 28w

    Hi so everything is in the title I have for new lights T5 but they are 28 and not 24 watt I live in Lebanon it is very hard to find lights so I was wondering if I can modify my ramp to accommodate the 28 watts? Will they work or not?
  15. skija

    Maxspect R420r 55 W 6500k

    Anyone using this Maxspect R420R 55 w 6500K ? I would like some feedback I want to use it on my tank , 60x35x35 cm Thanks
  16. Dustin Feagley

    Moonlight And Photoperiod

    I was wondering, should I count moonlight into my photoperiod time? Reducing my photoperiod from 12 hours to 10 hours helped rid some algae, but I'm still getting some hard green algae on the glass by the end of the week. Probably going to try 8 hours, but I don't want to lose viewing time. Can...
  17. geektom

    Unique, Semi High-tech 150g Lighting

    Hey all! For those who don't know me, I have a 150g sitting in my garage that I pretty much think about all day, every day. It is an awesomely different footprint at 60" wide x 18" tall x a glorious 30" deep (front to back). It is Euro-braced and pretty much completely open on top (open space...
  18. E

    Hours Vs Intensity.....

    Hello, hoping for some advice... I have a 210g partially high tech (dropping pH 0.5) planted setup (avoiding hard to grow plants and don't want to do a lot of trimming). Using this LED lighting setup...
  19. A

    Lighting + Tank Choices

    Hello community, I currently own two LED lights. The Finnex Planted 24/7 and the Current Satellite LED+ (NOT THE PRO). Im deciding whether to go for a 33G long or a 40G long CO2 injected high tech tank. Both are 48" long 12" wide, the only difference being that the 33G has a height of 12" while...
  20. A

    Lighting And Tank Choice Help Required

    Hello community, I currently own two LED lights. The Finnex Planted 24/7 and the Current Satellite LED+ (NOT THE PRO). Im deciding whether to go for a 33G long or a 40G long CO2 injected high tech tank. Both are 48" long 12" wide, the only difference being that the 33G has a height of 12" while...