1. J

    Can't Get My Hands On Giesmann Bulbs

    I want to start another planted tank but for this one, I will be using my ATI 8 bulb fixture. the bulb combination I want to try is Zoo-Med Flora x 2, Wave Point Sun Wave x2, Wave Point Red Wave and Giesmann Aqua-Flora x2 or Giesmann Super-Flora x2. The problem is I can't get my hands on either...
  2. 1

    Needing Expert Advice On Lighting For Low To Medium Light Plants

    I have a 55 gallon breeder aquarium with a 48 inch fluval' 2.0 over it.The light fixture is controllable with a wifi' controller. The plants that I am using are low to medium light plants. I will be injecting c02. I want to get the best growth and color from the plants. What would you suggest on...
  3. E

    Question: Tuning The "spectrum" Of Led Lighting

    I have a general line of thinking that I'm hoping someone out there can help me with. A number of today's LED fixtures offer the capability to "tune" the spectrum of the fixture by varying the relative output of individual LEDs on the fixture with different "color" outputs. I have two...
  4. J

    Radion Xr15fw G4 / Kessils / Red Plants

    Hi all, Im currently looking at lighting options for a tank that is 48" Long by 24" wide and 18" Height. Ive been contemplating, kessils either two 360s or two 160s or two Radion XR15 FW G4 led fixtures. The only red plant im planning on having is Alternanthera reineckii. I understand Kessils...
  5. S

    Hi, Looking At The Lighting Info

    Hi, I wrote a intro, it wouldn't post.
  6. Gary 'Crazygar' MacDonald

    Upgrading/and Nano Lighting

    I am currently running 2 X Finnex Planted+ FugeRay over my Nano Planted (Fluval EBI Tank, only the tank itself, 11.9" X 11.9" X 13" Tall) and have decided I prefer a more modern look and lighting. Running pressurized CO2, EI Dosing so output won't be the issue. Currently have a nice carpet of...
  7. H

    Led Light Suggestions For 12gal Tank

    I'm looking for some suggestions for a light that will do well to provide medium to high light for my upcoming tank which is 16.9"L X 10.2"W X 23.4"High. 12gal I plan to use DIY CO2 in this tank. Plants, Various cryts, Java fern, s.repens.
  8. B


    please recommend a stepped light method with 4 lamps T5 39wat. two 840 and two 865 Philips master HO TL5
  9. eVolution

    How Much Light For My Tank?

    Some specs before I start rambling on. Tank: around 30 gallons. Lights: 3 LED strips, 2x white, 1x RGB Time controller: TC420 CO2: none Substrate: Dirt and laterite Plants: Pistia stratiotes Microsorum Pteropus (Java fern) Vallisneria spiralis Staurogyne sp. "Bihar" Nymphoides hydrophylla...
  10. R

    T5ho Bulb Choice For 65g More Dutchy Style Tank.

    I need to get bulbs for my stores 65 fw display tank (36*19*24) I have 6 bulb fixture already but its time to change bulbs and the ones i currently have don't bring out the reds or blues as much. I know some people just do all reds and blues, and some just do 6500k's, and some do one of each. I...
  11. P

    I Like Too Grow Red Plants

    I have a 30gal. 30x17x12d. I do have co2. I like a light sits on the tank. Can you help Ed
  12. I

    Replaceing T5 54w Ho's Ballast

    Might be in the need in replacing 3 ballast {2 pair ea. t5 ho's} They been sitting around unused since 2013 and would like to get my system back up . I had 6 t5 ho's on my 110g Oceanic Tank 60x18x24 an grew just about anything with co2 and fert's ,but was thinking of dropping down to 4 bulbs an...
  13. O

    Natural Light Tips?

    Hello All! I apologize in advance, I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this question, but it seemed like the best fit! I'm starting to plan out my second tank, a 10 gallon that I'm hoping to put in a part of my house that gets a lot of natural light. My other tank (a 40b) is a room that...
  14. skija

    Par Meter

    Hello , can anyone suggest me a PAR meter I can buy from eBay ? I want to measure PAR at substrate level in the tank Price range ~ 150 Eur/dollars Thanks
  15. J

    First Question From A Newbie.

    If you have seen my "Intro Thread" I keep used to keep a Marine Reef aquarium and Im thinking about converting it into a planted (no fish) aquarium. Question ...are my Metal Halide 2 x 150W 17K lamps too powerful. These are very expensive to run and dont mind buying the right lights for a plant...
  16. Neil

    Ideal Photoperiod For Plants.

    Is it possible to reduce the photo-period by increasing the light intensity ?
  17. W

    T5 Bulbs

    Changing my 180 salt water over to a planted aquarium. And I need some help with a bulb combo. Something to make the plants and fish pop. light is a ATI sunpower 60 inch 8x80. Thanks for any help.
  18. J

    New To Planted Tanks

    Hello all, as the title says, I am new to the world of the planted tank. I have kept a 125 gal. reef tank since 1986. My new planted tank is 36" L x 18" W x 20" H. I have been looking into LED lighting for this tank and I really like the Twinstar SA series LED lighting and the ADA Aquasky LED...
  19. L

    How High To Mount Zetlight Zt6400 Above The Water Surface?

    Hii everyone, i just got myself a zetlight zt6400 for my 3 footer tank, 90x45x45cm. I intend to get a mounting kit to mount the light. Any suggestion how high should i mount the light above the tank surface? My substrate is above 5cm thick.
  20. Sahiri

    Lights For Nano Tanks

    Greetings! I am looking for manufacturer suggestions for lighting a nano tank. My tank dimensions are: 9.6 L x 8 W x 9.2 H. It is a rimless tank. I would like to be able to properly support Hemianthus callitrichoides along with other small plants such as staurogyne. I do have pressurized co2...