1. kizwan

    Uv Light & Fertilizer

    Hello, Can uv light have any effect on fertilizer?
  2. L

    Indoor Grow Light In Planted Aquarium

    Hi. I have a Planted tank, i use a DIY lighting system wich consists in two ecosmart led of 14watt each one(My Aquarium is 30Litters ) I wanted to know if the use of a grow light would be benneficial yo My plants, specially the red ones.
  3. L

    How Much Is High Light And How Increase Dosage

    Hi everyone, I’m in the situation that I have a diy led light 8000lumens 6500k plus 10w full spectrum led and I dose the EI standard dose calculated via rotala butterfly website but I noticed some deficiency and when I tested the water I found out that I have N 2.5 P0.25 and unknown K , Fe 0 co2...
  4. superflame

    For Sale: Sold!

    If you have any questions please do contact me. Free shipping within 48 states, HI and Alaska please contact me first. Thanks! ULTUM NATURE SYSTEMS TITAN 1 LED LIGHT - Sold Dual Stage Regulator with bubble counter - SOLD ONF LED - SOLD
  5. L

    Will These Led Give Me Medium Light?

    Hi guys. I am looking into getting medium light in my 325 liter aquarium. It measures 50x50x130 cm. For this I am looking at the Akvastabil Lumax Plant, the 123 cm long version. These are readily available in Denmark and not insanely expensive. And they can be glued into the hood of my tank...
  6. 1

    Needing Expert Advice On Lighting For Low To Medium Light Plants

    I have a 55 gallon breeder aquarium with a 48 inch fluval' 2.0 over it.The light fixture is controllable with a wifi' controller. The plants that I am using are low to medium light plants. I will be injecting c02. I want to get the best growth and color from the plants. What would you suggest on...
  7. H

    Led Light Suggestions For 12gal Tank

    I'm looking for some suggestions for a light that will do well to provide medium to high light for my upcoming tank which is 16.9"L X 10.2"W X 23.4"High. 12gal I plan to use DIY CO2 in this tank. Plants, Various cryts, Java fern, s.repens.
  8. B


    please recommend a stepped light method with 4 lamps T5 39wat. two 840 and two 865 Philips master HO TL5
  9. eVolution

    How Much Light For My Tank?

    Some specs before I start rambling on. Tank: around 30 gallons. Lights: 3 LED strips, 2x white, 1x RGB Time controller: TC420 CO2: none Substrate: Dirt and laterite Plants: Pistia stratiotes Microsorum Pteropus (Java fern) Vallisneria spiralis Staurogyne sp. "Bihar" Nymphoides hydrophylla...
  10. D

    Wisconsin Mom Keeping Fish And Need Safe Light Advice

    My Finnex FugeRay Planted power adapter burned out after two years which seems to be a common complaint with this light. I just got a Nicrew Classic LED plus in the mail, and it seems like something that shouldn't be suspended over water as I can push back the splash guard and see electrical...