1. D

    Changing Smd Led Kelvin

    hi everyone, i ias wondering if painted a SMD does that change its Kelvin? the situation is i have led bar that i dont want it all white. i want to change some of leds into blue in the same bar. option 1: Painting some of the leds. option 2: Replacing some of the white leds with blue leds in the...
  2. V

    For Sale: Kessil A360x Tuna Sun Led And Kessil Spectral Controller X

    Getting out of the hobby and hence selling 2 Kessil A360X Tuna Sun LEDs and Kessil Spetral Controller X. These are the latest LEDs from Kessil. Everything is in perfect condition and just 6 months old. Will ship them in their original boxes. The 2 LEDs together can easily cover a 48 inch long...
  3. A

    Chihiros Rgb 45 + Diy High Powered Led

    Hello, greetings from Indonesia I recently add Chihiros 45 RGB for my planted tank, so now i’m using 2 lights 1. DIY High powered led (60 watts) 2. Chihiros RGB 45cm(adjustable to 60cm) (37 Watts) My tank dimension is 60cmx35cmx25cm I plant rotala hra in the back. Which is better should i put...
  4. superflame

    For Sale: Sold!

    If you have any questions please do contact me. Free shipping within 48 states, HI and Alaska please contact me first. Thanks! ULTUM NATURE SYSTEMS TITAN 1 LED LIGHT - Sold Dual Stage Regulator with bubble counter - SOLD ONF LED - SOLD
  5. L

    Will These Led Give Me Medium Light?

    Hi guys. I am looking into getting medium light in my 325 liter aquarium. It measures 50x50x130 cm. For this I am looking at the Akvastabil Lumax Plant, the 123 cm long version. These are readily available in Denmark and not insanely expensive. And they can be glued into the hood of my tank...
  6. E

    Question: Tuning The "spectrum" Of Led Lighting

    I have a general line of thinking that I'm hoping someone out there can help me with. A number of today's LED fixtures offer the capability to "tune" the spectrum of the fixture by varying the relative output of individual LEDs on the fixture with different "color" outputs. I have two...
  7. H

    Led Light Suggestions For 12gal Tank

    I'm looking for some suggestions for a light that will do well to provide medium to high light for my upcoming tank which is 16.9"L X 10.2"W X 23.4"High. 12gal I plan to use DIY CO2 in this tank. Plants, Various cryts, Java fern, s.repens.
  8. mv1175

    Led Lighting Solutions For A 90 Gallon Tank

    The dimension of the tank are 48"Wx24"Hx18"D. Will be using pressurized CO2 and ADA aquasoil. I understand that light penetration may be an issue at 24"...and that HC Cuba is on the substrate. I would be prefer to go with an LED lighting solution. Would a single Finnex Ray 2 or Fluval planted...
  9. rs18alpha

    Dimmer For Twinstar 900s Led

    Does anyone know what type of dimmer will work with my twinstar? I've tried a few but the connectors won't match up, the dimmer plugs are too big.
  10. SingAlongWithTsing

    Sbreef Fresh Water Led 165 Watt Par Data

    Got my Seneye Reef Monitor today, recorded every combination of settings I can think off in increments of 10%. Recorded PAR, Lux, Kelvin, and PUR Product: https://sbreeflights.com/sbox-fw-plant-lights/21-basic-fresh-water-plant-led-light.html PAR Data...
  11. emily6

    For Sale: Build My LED, 36" fixture

    FS: Used BML LED, 36" wide. Attached is a pic that has the electrical specs on it, as well as a product photo found online. BML recently stopped producing aquarium lights so I can't include a link to the product itself. It's a "Nature Style" 6500k fixture in silver. It's missing the plastic...
  12. Bishop

    Arcadia LED T5 replacement bulbs

    Anybody used these at all? Price is super high but trying to weigh up my options so keen to get some reviews. http://www.arcadia-aquatic.com/product/led-t5-tubes/ Edit: page needs a refresh sometimes.
  13. rs18alpha

    Chichiros 8000k fulll spectrum Led white lights

    The Chichiros leds I'm using now are said to be 8000k full spectrum. The light is white. I think these are ADA knock offs? They have 7 different light intensity settings which is nice. Any body out there ever use these?
  14. rs18alpha

    Finnex planted + 24/7 SE Series LED

    Has anyone tried this light? Is it good for plants?
  15. tiger15

    Light Calculator questionable?

    In my 75 gal set up, I have 3 - 48" LED strip lights with a total of 265 diodes, 112 Watt , and 13416 Lumen. Using the light calculator in http://www.rotalabutterfly.com/light-calculator.php, I came up with 204 PAR at substrate level, which will put my light in extremely high light regime...
  16. geektom

    Looking for lighting help

    Hello, all. First of all, I have been keeping planted tanks for a long time, but compared to most of the posts here, I feel like I am in the Stone Age, so please be patient with me. I do not currently have any tanks set up and will be embarking on restoring a 150g tank, filtered by an 80g...