1. F

    Dual stage strange leak behavior: holds pressure for a couple of months then suddenly dumps (but not into tank)

    Anyone ever heard of a massive leak-dump happening, but only after running smoothly for a couple of months? This has happened both times I've used this regulator since buying it: I attach a 5lb tank, set it for 80psi output, 4-5bps 10hr/day, leak check it with soapy water, everything's...
  2. Sangeeth Ramanunni

    CO2 system is breaking my Head

    Getting tired of my CO2 system. There is either a leak or a block somewhere between flow controller and bubble counter. I thought the pressure was less and loosened the plunger to give a bigger supply. There was a sudden hike of BPS and it eventually slowed down to half a bubble per second. I...