karen randall

  1. Seattle_Aquarist

    Today Free Talk - Paludariums!! Karen Randall @ 6:00 Pdst

    TODAY Free Talk - Paludariums!! Karen Randall @ 6:00 PDST YouTube livestream presented by the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS.org) Location: YouTube livestream gsas.org/stream Date: June 9th, 6 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time For our June [virtual] meeting, the Greater Seattle...
  2. F

    Plants in the wild.

    I found these plants in a stream. They look like they would make a good carpet plant since they just spread out horizontally. Can anyone tell me what they are? They grow in an are which gets flooded when the water is up after a rain. Should i put them in a tank? Thanks. For the help.