1. L

    My Planted Tank

    Tecnica Plafoniera 6x24w t5 riflettori singoli 2 philips 4000 2 philips 6500 1 ati superpurple 1 silvania grolux Tot 148 w ( ciclo normale 4 sempre accesi) Litraggio 118 lordi Fondo: flourite dark + lapillo + tropica soil Filtro SUN SUN 1000L/H Pompa di movimento :koralia 900 Co2 : ricaricabile...
  2. J

    Trial And Error..and Error..and Error.

    So my first planted tank...Sort of. 46 gallons of unfinishedness. Currently running easy green 1x/week, easy carbon every other day, fluval plant 3.0 (just one). Current greenery is vals, anubias, dwarf lily, dwarf tiger lily/lotus thing, java fern windelov, microswords, dwarf sag misplaced...
  3. Fisherking

    Foo Box

    I feel a little sheepish here, because this will not be a tantalizing, uber-tech setup. But, after moving cross country, this is one of the tanks I was able to keep and I Have.To. Have. a tank running. The photo is from Day 14 of a fishless cycle setup. I used mature media and the cycle is...
  4. W

    80 Gallons Of Despair.

    This is a placeholder because I can't post image links and I think the secret is I have to start 2 new threads not make 2 posts, even though the counter goes up as it says I can't make posts. I blame phishless. I was wrong that was not the secret I still can't post image links :( So I'm able...
  5. S


    Hi forum members! 15 years of salt water tanks is behind me.... lots of work keeping them stable for fragile coral that could bleach overnight. I have decided to do a nice planted tank as that in itself is challenging but not as demanding, will see if that changes. Strike up 15 May 2018 6...
  6. YB Alan

    My Little Tank

  7. Chad

    Ghetto Pond Journal

    I recently bought a house with my love. It came with an old hot tub that I have started converting into a pond. 5 gallon bucket filter with lava rock and extra bio media I had lying around. Not fully filled yet, I figured I would let it cycle and see if it leaks before I fill it the rest of the...
  8. ThePlantedDimension

    Lots Of Equipment For Sale!!

    Hey everyone, this setup is currently around three months old and has been doing great. I attribute this to the EI dosing method and good maintenance. I will update the plant list soon. There are shrimp in the tank because I haven't had enough algae growth and I don't want fish at the moment...
  9. B

    Bob' 40 Gallon Build

    I started putting together a 40 gallon planted tank in our basement family room this week. I have the cabinet box set up and I'm doing a 'wet' test of the aquarium this weekend while I'm away. The tank is an old 40 gallon breeder I bought at an estate sale. I removed the old silicone and...
  10. AquaMatt

    10gal Dry Start W/ Co2 Injection

    Decided to to do a little experiment with a dry start method and somewhat custom substrate. I’ve had a lot of trouble growing plants and keeping them healthy. I’ll use this test tank before I overhaul my main tank again. Running lights 24/0 Dwarf Hairgrass Staurogyne Repens Bottem 1st layer...
  11. franticlocal

    17gal Iwagumi Dsm

    Hi All, I'm a new for aquascaping & start 17 Gal Iwagumi. In order to carpetting Monte Carlo & Dwarf HG i'm using dry start method. Here are what I am doing: Substrate: Power grow ADA + ADA 3 element + some fertilizers & prodibio soil Hardscape: Locally they said Eragon stone Plant: MonteCarlo...
  12. DeepMetropolis

    Tr-909 280l Tank.

    Hello all, I'm about to start my new tank well if it is finished in one of the next two weeks or so, this will be my fist attempt to scape. The dimensons are 130x50x50cm, for filtration got me Oase biomaster 600 with thermo and will be using a Sera flore 500 reactor pressurized CO2. Lightning...
  13. Squirkle

    Waterbox 24 G Cube Nature Style

    Here’s my build thread for my first adventure into planted tanks. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated. :) Tank: Waterbox Platinum 40.1. (24 g display) Filter: Waterbox glass sump with ATO reservoir Return pump: Jaebo DCS2000 Biological media: MarinePure spheres ATO: Pacific Sun...
  14. Atb333atb

    Eternal Summer

    My second ongoing tank: 144 liters 80x45x40, dyi led lamps, dyi stand. Presured co2, inline atomizer, 1 jbl 901 canister and 1 eheim 2217 with a 3liter sunsun prefilter. This is my workplace tank. It's a low buget tank made from scraps. But gradually i addem more tech, bigger tank (originaly was...
  15. Chad

    My Aquatic Adventures

    Hello everyone! My name is Chad and I started getting into aquariums in August 2017. I rarely take photos but here is a dump of what I had on my phone from the last year. Everything from zero to where I am now. August 2017 My girlfriend leaves my in charge of her betta while she leaves for...
  16. echan383

    35g Iwagumi, Dry Start Method

    Hi all, We're starting a 35G Iwagumi style tank, first time trying a true aquascape. In order to get the carpet growing strong, we'll be going with the dry start method. The substrate is a mixture of Spaghnum peat moss, organic potting soil (moss, worm castings, etc), capped with 1-2 in of...
  17. Grant Varcoe

    Pic Of The 6 Ft Tank. Repairs&setting Up.

    This is my 6 Ft tank in progress. The bottom glass was smashed bought 2nd hand for a bargain price so it was off to the Glazier for repairs at my expense, daunting process moving it around. Setting up the base too, pics before and after.
  18. AquaMatt

    29 Gal Planted Tank

    29 gal Cascade elite 1200 canister filter Aqua sand Co2 injected Mylasian Driftwood (RODI filter on the way) This is my 4th reset in about a year and a half. Ive been through so much, and learned alot along the way. I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to growing plants indoor and outdoor...
  19. Allwissend

    Here's Been The Tree Of Knowledge

    Here's been the tree of knowledge Here's been the tree of knowledge Where man chose death over compliance Where he robbed before create And life despairs and cries of woe Current Photo: Aim: A very earthy aquascape with a severely deteriorated tree stump and roots...
  20. Aljaz

    Fluval Chi, Iwagumy Style, Dry Start, Ei Method

    Warm hello from Slovenian enthusiast, glad to be here. I have been reading this site a lot and have decided to join, simply because the professionalism in aquarism and underwater planting, which is my point of interest for many years. Ok, I bought small tank (25x25x cca.45cm) Fluval chi tank...