1. Otocinclus

    Oto's 46g Bow

    A little late but... better late than never! This journal was started on day 87. Pictures will be posted every 30 days. DAY 87 SETUP - Tank size: 46 Gallons - Filtration: Fluval FX4 - CO2 cylinder size: 5lbs - CO2 diffuser: NilocG Aquatics - Atomic Precision Co2 Atomizer - Heater: National...
  2. DeepMetropolis

    Bedroom Tank On The Rocks..

    Here is a picture of my old tank that was in the kitchen i got approval to move it to our bedroom and rescape it as cheap as possible :) It's still low light no co2.. Thinking about adding co2.. and i have to add some red plants in the open space between the rocks..
  3. D

    Tiny Planted Pond

    Here are a few pics of my “temperate” pond. It’s been running for over a year and is heated. It’s only 300 litres and has a turnover of about 10 times per hour. I am using a 400 lph pump with an external filter. It’s planted with Aponogeton Henkelianus, Couple of Lilies, Anubias, Hornwort, Java...
  4. Jack McCarron

    Ada 45f - Shallow, Mossy, Shrimp

    Hey! Thanks for checking out my thread. This is my first tank. Please help me solve issues (described below) and teach me things! IMG_20181023_160713 by Jack McCarron posted Oct 23, 2018 at 4:24 PM IMG_20181023_160532 by Jack McCarron posted Oct 23, 2018 at 4:24 PM IMG_20181023_160646 by Jack...
  5. D

    Dave's 270 Litre Cube

    Couple of pics of my Eheim 270 litre cube tank before / after pruning the Nymphae Lotus. I usually cut this back about once a fortnight to about 1/3 of the tanks surface. The fish like the shading. Lighting consists of a AI Hydra 26 HD purchased around 6 months ago which is primarily designed...
  6. S

    Journal Of My Waterbox Platinum Pro 190.5 Scape

    This will be a journal of my new tank setup and Dutch scape build. This was the initial idea.
  7. L

    Hello Everyone...

    Hi I’m loris and I’m very enthusiastic about the planted tank world . At the moment I owned 1 planted tank and I try every time to improve my work. At the moment I swapped from diy yeast co2 to citric acid baking soda system and I for me was more easy before with the yeast one I don’t now but I...
  8. Jon B

    Hello And Why Can't I Post My Journal?

    I'm so lame. I don't understand forums. I've tried for years.
  9. mv1175

    A 90 Gallon First Real Adventure Into Planted Tanks

    Howdy From Houston, I have had MTS in the past and have been keeping all sorts of freshwater fish Discus, Arowanas, Mbunas, Rainbows, guppies, and many others. I have toyed around with some java fern with a diy co2 in a 40 gallon breeder in the past but that is the extent of my aquatic plant...
  10. rajkm

    My Tanks

    Been more than a year since I posted anything. Life has been busy and I have been more active on FB groups than forums just for ease of it. Anyways I hope to keep this journal updated frequently. I am running 10 tanks, 2 emersed bins since I bought my house last year and I’ll try to capture all...
  11. H

    Hamed`s Aquarium

    Hi guys I am from Iran and I want to show my 60 x 30 x 36 cm tank. My filter is Eheim 2213, ISTA CO2, AMAZONIA Light soil, Powesand Special Small, my light is 2 Tropic+ 1 Super Flora (Giesemann) I am using RO water + Seachem Equilibrium GH booster. My tank set up 3 weeks ago. I started ADA...
  12. G

    20g Long Build

    Hello everyone. New to the site and this will be my first tank journal on here. Here I have a 20 gallon long tank i setup a few months ago. It has been growing wonderfully. Fish: 1 betta fish celestial pearl danios( these will come in the future when my lfs can manage to get them in) plants...
  13. R

    55 Gallon Soon To Be 150 Gallon Tank Journal

    Hi Everyone, I just joined the Barr Report, I've been a fish keeper for many years and have recently gotten back into the hobby after a break when I first got married. Now I have kids as well and have gotten them bitten by the fish keeping bug! Currently I have a 55 Gallon planted aquarium...
  14. T

    New Home, New 29!

    Just bought my first home and finally have space to start getting back into aquariums. Convinced the gf to let me setup a tank in the living room, so I'm currently just working with a 29 gallon. Currently besides the tank, lid, and stand I'm toying with ideas for lights, substrate and...
  15. Peter Attanasio

    Fluval Flex 15 Adventure

    01F38D84-0855-425F-A73E-0F29FCFC9EBD by Peter Attanasio posted Jul 28, 2018 at 8:40 PMWell I decided to jump back into the aquarium hobby. I used to have a large marine setup years ago, but decided to do freshwater this time around, after seeing planted aquascapes. Received my Fluval Flex 15...
  16. M

    10 Year Anniversary Aquascaping Journal

    Hey guys, this year marks 10 years of aquascaping for me (i'm not a serious scaper what so ever) and I thought i'd share my progression as a scaper through some photos! I travel most of the year so I don't get to work on my tanks as much as some of you, so I haven't had that many scapes to post...
  17. csantucci

    Ada 120p First Large Tank

    I have had a 10 gallon tank for a little over a year and I just upgraded to an ADA 120P. I'm gong to miss my 10gal high tech but on to bigger things. Substrate: ADA Amazonian (4x9l bags) Light: sun blaze 4 bulb t5 ho suspended from electrical conduit Bulbs: (front to back) - 1x 660 hortilux...
  18. L

    Sandbased 70l Tank - A Fresh Old New Start

    I would have thought that aqua-scapers by definition would like to have more control over their tank. They are the artists, they controlled the layouts, they controlled the material used, they put much thought in filtering and the supply of CO2, they pick the light, they pick the plants, they...
  19. f-fish

    F's Tank Collection

    I have several planted tanks, mostly not with many stems. I like easy low maintenance setups. Later Ferdie
  20. Tim Harrison

    Naturescape, Update

    The story so far... Rough draft in the scape box... Scaped in the ADA Cube Garden 60-P...