1. T.Smith

    Ada 60p High Tech, Just Trying To Grow Plants!

    Hi Barr people T.Smith here, new to the social aspect of the aquarium community, so i thought I would post a journal about where iam in my journey in learning how to grow healthy aquarium plants. Been in the aquarium game for about 3 years. and also a little bit of bonsai on the side. About 2...
  2. T

    Toeknee's 55 And 20 Long Planted Tanks

    Hello all. I posted about my tanks in the introduction section then realized I should have posted about my set ups here in the journal section. (sorry about double post mods) The 55 has no co2. One Beamswork DA 6500K led on for 8 hours a day from 9 am-12pm, off, then back on from 5-10 pm. I...
  3. C

    Newbie Dry Start Method

    Hi all! I'm totally new in the aquatic plant life and am totally in love. Now if only I can manage to not destroy my first plants. Tank: UNS long 12G (35" long x 8" wide x 10" tall) Substrate: UNS contrasoil Light: Twinstar LED 600SP, 3500l, 44W Desert Stones + UG (Ulticularia Graminifolia)...
  4. K

    120l Community Planted

    Just posting this for future updates
  5. charlygarcia808

    12g Long High Tech Resurection

    It's been about 7 years since I broke down my mr. aqua rimless 12 gal long tank. I was yearning for another tank recently so I decided to set up a little spot for myself in the basement away from my wife/kid/cats, to enjoy. Going high tech with this tank as I did with the last go around, as I...
  6. A

    Ada 60p - Drilled And Sumped

    Making my way back from saltwater. Missing the plants that’s all..and taking a break from the blue light:) ADA 60P, 16” reef synergy Shadow overflow, 1” drains - bean animal. Dual 1/2” returns, powered by 2 Eheim classic 1250’s. About 600 gph total. ATI Sunpower T5 light. Planning to run only 2...
  7. N

    25gal Low Maintenance Scape

    hi guys. New to the forum. Just sharing out some information over one of my scapes Tank Volume 25 G Lightning- custom designed by a friend Fauna- Paskai Rainbow, Neons, Otos, Sae and 4 variants of Neo Cardinia
  8. S

    Adding Hc To Aquarium

    Hi, How do I do this without floating of HC all over the surface? How deep need to put them into the substrate? What kind of fertilizer they depend on to grow? And how much fert to put in (2 feet Tank) How much Co2? How much Light hours to on? Should I do dry start or wet start? Show me example...
  9. C

    10 Gallon Community And 5 Gallon Betta Planted Tanks

    Here's first tank! Set up 1/1/19 but gone through some changes to be what it is now. 10 gallon tank Substrate: Seachem flourite and flourite black with top later of flourite sand for my java loaches. Has seachem flourish tabs placed in substrate Light: Current LED + Heater: Aqueon...
  10. cantface85

    New 80x40x40

    Here is my new scape so far Substrate- Ada power sand S advance Ada tourmaline BC Ada bacter 100 Ada clear super Soil Aquavitro black humate Hardscape- Approximately 15kg seiryu stone 3 peices of ghostwood DW With some smaller pieces Equipment ( so far ) 2x Kessel a360 tuna suns...
  11. C

    Chizow's Ada45p :: Algae Chronicles ^^

    Dear Forum Wizards, You will not know me as I have been lurking in the shadows like Little Finger, eavesdropping on your conversations, and taking scrupulous notes all the while. I recently got back in the game after a 14 year hiatus with my first attempt at a planted tank. Today I have given...
  12. S

    5 Gallon Fish Bowl

    10/5/2018 searched all over town for biggest fish bowl. Approximately 5 gal. @ Hobby Lobby = $22. Bought 10 emaciated White Clouds @ Petsmart @ $1.59 each + extra bag of water. 1 anubius Nana = $5. Wanted to wait on fish but with only 1 real fish store in Billings was lucky to get the fish I...
  13. dannsafly

    100g Reboot

    Hello everyone. I have been waiting to start this journal for some time. I consider myself a noob although been reading quite a lot. My last attemp ended horribly 5 years ago. Since then my life changed dramatically for the better. Now with supporting wife and kids by my side I decided to try...
  14. Mário Martins

    600 Litros Plantado

    medidas: 200x50x60cm filtragem: eheim pro3 1200XLT co2: atomizador em linha da JBL Luz: 360w de 2 brancos para 1 de vermelho para 1 de azul substrato: aquabasic JBL (15 litros) + Manado JBL (85 litros) fertilização: 20 gramas de KNO3+6 gramas K2PO4+ 20 gramas de KCl + 10 gramas de micros...
  15. A

    Journal About My No-tech Experiment

    Hello everyone!! This is my first post here, so I'm gonna give an introduction here as well. I have been into planted tank hobby for a year now and I have made 7 tanks (all less than 15 gallons) for my experimentations. I have tried everything I thought I would like to try, including high tech...
  16. Hydroponic

    Nano Tank: Aquascaping And Horticulture Training

    Hello everyone, First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. I've been keeping planted tanks for a long time now (over 13 years), and recently I've decided to set up a nano planted tank to hone some skills and to practice aquascaping in a friendly platform. This tank started as 35x16x21(H) cm...
  17. skija

    Third Tank

    Same tank , 60x35x35 cm , same canister Eheim 2071 , same cerges co2 reactor , I just changed the lights , AquasMetalX 60 cm RGB Tank is one month old
  18. N

    90 Gallons Of Jungle

    Been wanting to start a journal on my 90gallon planted tank for a while, but now seemed like a good time. Background Been keeping aquariums since the late 80’s, and have had a planted tank since the mid 90’s. My main interest in aquariums over the years is split between Lake Tanganyikan...
  19. A

    Lonely Tree In A Summer Meadow

    Here's my latest attempt at a planted aquarium; started to plant on 28/11/18 Tank: Aquascaper 900 Lighting: Twinstar 900S Filtration: 2x Oase biomaster thermo 600 Co2: Fire extinguisher to an inline diffuser Fertiliser: All in one EI Hardscape: Manzanita fixed to a piece of slate...
  20. K

    New Member / New Tank

    Hi, I'm a new member and am getting back into the hobby after being out of it 20 + years. Just setting up a new tank and put in my first plants last night. I came across this site and it looks very interesting. Hope it will help get my plants to growing like weeds. I'll keep you posted. Kim