java moss

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    Mossy Remedy (java Moss)

    Help! What could be the problem for my java moss? Every other plant in my tank are growing nicely, but only my mosses grow like this. My tank setup is pretty high tech, and I waterchange very frequent due to my daily dosing, my co2 is also optimal ,but just this java moss grows sub-optimally...
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    10gal Tank Diy Vs Pressurized Co2 ?

    I have a 10Gal planted tank with 2x anubias 3x Melon sword (amazon sword type) 5x Twisted Vallisneria 7x Vallisneria Bunch of Water wasteria (Hygrophila difformis) a few stems of bacopa 1 stem of horwort A patch of Java moss one small java fern 4x Cabomba I use Seacheam seachem flourish, DIY...