java fern

  1. kizwan

    Can My Java Fern Windelov Recover?

    Damaged from BBA & BGA. Can it heal?
  2. L

    Java Fern Die Off - Gh Booster Needed?

    I have very soft water, the GH and KH is usually around 3 dGH or less. My java fern has been in a cycle of generating new growth and then developing these black/brown patches that lead to the whole leaf dying back. Could GH booster solve this problem? I have read in a few places that java fern...
  3. R

    10gal Tank Diy Vs Pressurized Co2 ?

    I have a 10Gal planted tank with 2x anubias 3x Melon sword (amazon sword type) 5x Twisted Vallisneria 7x Vallisneria Bunch of Water wasteria (Hygrophila difformis) a few stems of bacopa 1 stem of horwort A patch of Java moss one small java fern 4x Cabomba I use Seacheam seachem flourish, DIY...