1. L

    Hello From Italy

    hi im from italy and im glad to be part off this team
  2. C

    Hello From Rome, Italy

    Hi, I am a new member from Italy. I am running a low-tech planted tank from 2015. It is an almost cubic tank, 45x45x48 cm<sup>{3}</sup>, about 80 liters. It started as a Walstad tank, but now it seems the soil is depleted. I have a population of guppy/Endler hybrids, some Amano shrimps and...
  3. P

    Hello From Italy!

    Hello from Italy, I often read this forum and it's always very helpful and interesting, I decided now to sing up to ask for help for a friend's tank! Hope to write even more, congrats on this fantastic forum! Nice to meet you all!
  4. R

    Hello From Italy

    Hi everyone.. this is my little 25 litres tank with Poecilia wingei and Red Cherry... No filter, no CO2, low fertilization...
  5. Isaia

    Hi from Italy!

    Hello, I started my first aquarium more than 20 years ago. I'm now graduated in fish pathology and aquaculture, but I'm very interested in growing aquarium plants. I consider Tom one of the well informed in the field, so I want to start to post something here to grow up my culture. I've set up...