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    Dosing iron

    Hi all, curious of going macro algae one of these days and I came across this thread where Tom Barr is going back and forth with another Phd about the how different chelators (gluconate, edta, dtpa, eddha) affects how macro algae intakes iron...
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    Can You Dose This For Iron? Can you dose this for iron? It says it's 11% iron derived from Iron DTPA (is iron DTPA safe for fish use and will it benefit my iron deficient plants?)?
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    Strange Neon Behavior After Starting To Fertilize

    I have a 75g tank (recent setup but has fully cycled canister filter) and I just added 12 neons to it about 10 days ago or so along with four Pearl Gouramis and two CAE's (they will be going back, they are just small right now). I also added a few plants as I am waiting for a shipment of plants...