1. TheDrift

    I Have Been Keeping Blue Dream Shrimps And Discus For Awhile Now!

    I have had bad experiences with hightech and co2. I get so much algae and bba. Every week i have to spend hours picking and cleaning out. Since then i get into lowtech. Never have any algae outbreak, however now i want to try it again. Here is my shrimp tank when it was setup
  2. U

    Sulawesi Shrimp And Shrimp King Salt

    Hello Fellow Shrimpers, I am planning to start a Sulawesi shrimp tank. Thinking about Cardinals, Harlequins, and Red lines. I know the preparation will be at least 1 month to get the algae growing and get the tank matured. I have been reading on the alternative to Salty Shrimp 8.5 is Shrimp...
  3. Dd1880

    Cherry Shrimp Losing Color!

    I have had these rcs for over a week now. Seems like they are happy and are foraging. They did hide from my fish in the beginning because my female cherry barb went after them but they have all calmed down now and I haven’t seen them chase them lately. I had two super red ones and the rest were...
  4. C

    Nerite Snail Troubleshooting

    i have a nerite zebra I got from my LFS about a week ago in my 5 gal betta. pH is 7.0, temp is around 77-78 throughout the day. The snail has barely moved since I've gotten it. I know it's alive because in the morning, it's in a slightly different place and when picked up, the trapdoor...
  5. Harris Tiu

    Alum And Snail Removal

    Hey All, I would like to kill the snails on my new plants before introducing to my display tank. I figure that I should use Alum as I find its gentler than other treatments like bleach, h202 and salt. There are a few questions that I've got though. 1) I'm wondering about the dosages and...
  6. C

    A More Economic Trace Without Copper?

    I know that the small amounts in CSM+B (Nutritrace, I think it's called here) shouldn't have toxic levels (I've done my research) and it's chelated at that (I think), BUT I'm paranoid and would prefer to just avoid dosing copper. This isn't something that I can just chill about bc it's just...
  7. Hardwell

    Cherry Shrimps And Crystal Shrimps W/ Co2

    So the story is I used to have a high tech 55g and thought it was too much maintenance so I converted it to a low tech shrimp tank housing both cherries and crystals. Missed high tech so I slowly converted it back to high tech. Started to adapt the shrimps to CO2, 1bps the first day up to 2bps...
  8. rs18alpha

    Shrimp Keep Dying, Do I Need To Use A Copper Reducing Media?

    Some one suggested that I use Seachem copper safe. I think that's what it was called. If I use something like this will it kill my pest snails or any other snails for that matter? I like the pest snails so I don't want to get rid of them. I dose EI, is it ok to use a copper treatment along with...
  9. azappetti

    Shrimp And Trace Elements

    Hola: When adding trace elements, what is the maximum dose of Cu and Fe, to avoid the toxisity of shrimps? Gracias
  10. Dave Fryling

    Are These Snails "good" Or "bad?"

    I seem to have inherited a baker's dozen of the snails (hitchhikers on one of the plants I bought). They're mostly still to small for me to know what they're about, food-wise. Does anyone recognize what species I'm dealing with here? And are they a danger to my Flora?
  11. B

    Treating Nerites For Callamanus

    Long story short, I picked up a couple new discus around a month ago and didnt quarantine them long enough. Put them into my display tank after a couple weeks as thought they were healthy. One definitely was and the other I was thinking was just being shy from being picked on by the...
  12. N

    Establishing Water Fleas And Other Small Critters?

    Hey guys, I'm new to planted tanks and am working on getting a low-tech 29 gallon established. I am interested in establishing at the least a population of Daphnia but also potentially other copepods, rotifers, hydra etc. But from what I can glean from the forums, these are things people are...
  13. Kyalgae

    Snail? Half a clam? What is this?

    I saw this critter in my tank maybe 4 weeks ago, they barely move around, and they are very hard to get off the glass, they stick very well. I had one small guy stay on the same leaf for at least a week, did a good job on the algae. I noticed a bigger one down in the substrate a few days ago...
  14. AtticusFynch

    Can anyone identify this stow-away snail?

    I've got lots of ramshorns and pond/bladder snails, but this guy looks different. Any ideas?
  15. J

    Ramshorn snail and plants

    I'm wondering, will ramshorn snails eat plants when they can't find algae to eat? I found some of my buce had torn and holes on leaves and a ramshorn snail on it. I had no idea if the thing cleaning the algae on the leaves surface or eating the leaves. Also got some holes on my hygrophila...
  16. D

    Amano's (and other shrimp) dying in one tank...

    In my fluval I just added amanos today, and 2 of 4 died within 1 hour of being in there. Parameters are as should be, nitrates are higher than normal though due to the lack of plants atm, not off the roof though. nitrite 0, and ammonia 0. Do 50 percent WC every sunday on all tanks. I have a...