1. francescam

    Hello From Washington State

    Hi there, I am Francesca and I am just starting my planted tank journey. My 4y daughter Charlotte said she wanted a goldfish and after the flashbacks of the daily dying of my childhood goldfish I decided I would do a beautiful planted tank with a betta instead. We are very excited for our nano...
  2. Seattle_Aquarist

    Tonight 7:00 Pst; Open To All! Livestream; Introduction To Killifishes; Art Leuterman By Gsas

    Hi All, This presentation is tonight at 7:00 PST on the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society ( YouTube channel, Quick link: Learn about this colorful, fascinating family of fishes from one of the most knowledgeable individuals who has been involved with them for...
  3. S


    Hi everyone, new to the forum but been keeping fish for the last 18 years. Have lots of years in the trade and have successful kept many species and bred quite a few too but can never stop learning and getting new ideas and projects which is why I love this hobby so much. Look forward to hearing...
  4. M


    Hi all happy to be here
  5. C

    Long Time Dabbler

    Hi All, I started in the aquarium hobby about 50 years ago when I was 11. My background is mostly technical and I am enjoying reviewing my general chemistry (that I mostly forgot). Moving forward.... I am thinking of trying my first bonafide planted tank.... Calvin
  6. Tim Fehilly

    Hello From Wappingerfalls Ny.

    1st post !
  7. T

    A Newbie All The Way From Singapore

    Hi all! I am Clane Tan from Singapore and i have just picked up aquascaping after taking over two nano fish tanks from my friend's colleague who does not want it anymore. Ever since, i have been hooked to the world of aquascaping and thus came across this forum. Hoping to learn from everyone...
  8. EDD COX

    I Have Landed. I Am A Visual Artist On The Waterfront In Seattle.

    I have a jungle of house plants that surround 3 aquarium where I create paintings & sculpture. Tanks are two 20's & a 10 gal. planted with co2. Getting educated with cycling/balance & algae fighting. The 10 is a new dry start. Waiting for new plants to finish arriving as I begin the carpet &...
  9. E

    Introduction 2

    Hi, I hope you read that I am doing BSCS, I want to share more interesting things about me. I am an introvert and boxing is my passion i wrote too much about boxing. please read my blog and share your views link to my blog
  10. E

    My Introduction

    Hi, I am student Doing BSCS from Harvard. and passionate about software development and digital marketing
  11. D


    Hey all, I am new to this forum and I am from the DFW area. I have been the aquarium hobby for about 5 years now and started a planted tank about 2 years ago now. I have always had some issues with my plants. For some reason they are merely coasting along. They are not thriving like alot of...
  12. M

    Hello, I Hope I Can Find A Home Here. I Am Hopeful.

    Hello everyone, my name is Mike. I'm from Maryland. While I do have a planted tank, well 5. I forgot about my plant farm tanks, just thought about my original planted tank with fish, a real one. The other tanks are a 2.5 2.5 2.5 5 two 10's and a 20. I am consolidating the 2.5 and 2.5 and...other...
  13. Joshua Nathan Davies

    Hi From Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hello Fellow Aquascapers, My name is Josh and i am a British Citizen who has been living in Indonesia for the past 18 years. Before that i was living in Malawi Africa. I have always been somewhat of a nature person mainly focusing on the adventure side of things. I was also a scuba diving...
  14. C


    Hi All, to introduce myself I have been an aquarium hobbyist for 30+ years and have kept a 185g planted tank for the past 15. This tank was set up with sand substrate supplemented with Duplarit G, CO2 and LED (initially Halogen). Filtration was by 2x Eheim Pro e3 2078. Plants included Anubias...
  15. P


    My name is Pete I have been keeping aquariums for 30 years and planted tanks for about 4 years. I currently have a 120 gallon planted tank. I started using EI about 2 years ago with great success. I recently had several Co2 issues and then a light issue which has my tank in trouble, I lost...
  16. A


    Hello my name is Apollo and I've been keeping planted tanks since 2016 and I want to learn more.
  17. S


    Hello.. My name is guntur candra buana... But mt friend call me suwonk coy... Im from indonesia. Tulungagung east java.
  18. V

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello all, I was an off and on hobbyist in the past years and have finally decided to jump into planted tanks now that I have a stable income. I currently have a 29 gallon high which is CO2 injected and moderately planted housing rcs, amanos and a few snails (nerites, faunus ater and mystery...
  19. N


    Finally signed up here, been lurking about for a long time, may have signed up previously many years ago but never really participated. My name is Kirk, I'm from Massachusetts, and have been in the aquarium hobby since the late 1980's. My main interests have been cichlids, mainly those from...
  20. G

    Introduction And Return To The Hobby

    Hi guys and gals, I am currently working my way back into this hobby since starting 4 years ago. I currently have a 75 and 9 gallon tank. I've done pressurized CO2 since 3 years ago but stopped some time last year or so due to the regulator being junk. Since then, I've been trying to build a DIY...