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    Ramshorn snail eggs?

    Assume we had a few hitchhikers in hornwort we got from a LFS. I don't have any experience with snails but googling led me to believe they are ramshorn snails? They have been stuck together for 2 days now and there is a weird transparent sack on a piece of hornwort I "planted". I think I might...
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    10gal Tank Diy Vs Pressurized Co2 ?

    I have a 10Gal planted tank with 2x anubias 3x Melon sword (amazon sword type) 5x Twisted Vallisneria 7x Vallisneria Bunch of Water wasteria (Hygrophila difformis) a few stems of bacopa 1 stem of horwort A patch of Java moss one small java fern 4x Cabomba I use Seacheam seachem flourish, DIY...