1. M

    Absolutely needing help

    hey guys, This is my first big planted high tech tank. I don’t think it’s cycled as it has 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and 0 nitrate according to API master test kit. Ive fried fish less cycling adding a bunch of fish food but not getting an ammonia spike probably because of the dense planting using...
  2. C

    How do you guys make your low-tech tanks work? My plants are clearly unhappy and I'm not sure what to do :(

    How do you guys make your low-tech tanks work? This is my 10 gal with about 30L of water that has been established for around 4 months. My background and midground plants are ok, but my Staurogyne repens have their leaves slowly turn yellow/brown from their tips and some have their stems...
  3. Mike Workman

    Help Identifying Disease

    Hello - I am new to this forum, normally on plant subjects versus fish.... I keep freshwater tropical planted aquariums (6) I have been keeping fish for 52 years, plants for 17. I am having trouble with a relatively new tank, a 300 gallon planted tank. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10 ppm...
  4. L

    New To Aquascaping And Dsm Need Help

    So I've just started aquascaping and trying out the DSM method as due to Covid it is quite difficult to get all my aquascaping plants and stuffs from overseas. Currently, this is what I have done: 1. Elevated Valley design with Ohko Rocks and Amazonia substrate 2. I have my lighting on for...
  5. WestcoastBingo

    Help~ Custom Built Co2 Regulator ~ Canada

    Hi everyone! i live on the West Coast of Canada and am curious if anyone up here has built there own Co2 Regulator? or know someone who has, I ask because services are limited for resources when sourcing outside of country... Or if you have some suggestions/build designs of any form that would...
  6. WestcoastBingo

    Fresh Off The Boat!

    Good afternoon, Morning, Night Y'all! New to the Fish/Plant/Water baby keeping society! too n to be a proud Owner! We have a 42Gal with Curved front corners, currently been cycling for 3-4 weeks the establish the bacteria while designing our Aquascape! Our intentions is a semi-full planted...
  7. BettaBeGood

    Plz Help Me. Im Begging... I Feel Like I Don't Know What Else To Do.

    I have a 40breeder Pressurized co2 Fluval stratum substrate 122watts total 11inches over h2o = 2finnex 24/7planted plus crv models and = 1beamswork da fspec Nilocg diy ei mix with ex added iron per rotala butterfly Ph 6.5 Kh 3.5 Gh 5 Temp 73 74f 8hr photo period Plz...
  8. M

    How Should I Dutch Scape My 20 High?

    Hello everyone, new to the forum. I'm looking on ideas for how to scape my 20 gallon high. The tank has co2 injection, black blasting sand, and osmocote pellets for fertilization. In my previous tanks, plants I've had success with are: -Ludwigia inclinata cuba -Dwarf sag (I hate this one)...
  9. yd2

    Fertilizing Not Working, Deficiency Signs Keep Growing.

    B"H Hello im a beginner in planted aquarium, and reached a roadblock with my hygrophila compacta. my aquarium is Low-Tech , the amount of water is about 25 liters. (8 gallon+-) I have all the micro and macro nutrients fertilizers. The Higro Compact keeps showing significant deficiency signs...
  10. Phantom_ws

    Help Regarding New Planted Tank Substrate

    Hello; I have never kept a planted tank before but they always inspired me a lot. The main reason of it the availability of resources. Some mandatory things required for good planted tanks (as i've read on multiple forums) are not easily available in my country. Now, cutting the long story...
  11. M

    Stunted Ludwigia Sp Red.

    Hello Community! I've been having some trouble growing ludiwigia sp red on my highly dense planted tank. The new leaves seem small and twisted, sometimes diagnosed as calcium deficiency or as CO2 deficiency as Tom Barr responds in almost every thread I've read. My tank: 40 Gallon planted and...
  12. E

    Help For A Bad Algae

    Bonjour à tous. Cela me dérange depuis des mois avec une algue dont je ne peux pas me débarrasser. Il attaque systématiquement les plantes. J'ai un aquarium de 240L J'ai installé un système CO2 il y a quelques mois et un nouvel éclairage. L'éclairage s'allume à 9h à 50% de ces capacités...
  13. G

    My Plants Have Deficiencies ... Help Please

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum, and I'm coming to ask for your help to help me to solve a problem in my aquarium. So, I have deficiencies on some of my aquarium plant, and I can't seem to know the cause of these deficiencies. I will therefore detail my installation as well...
  14. L

    Another Newbie Needs Help With Dying Plants In 75 Gallon Tank

    Hello all, Thanks for reading this, hopefully some of you will be able to help me out. I have a 75 gallon freshwater tank stock with a bala shark, 9 tetras, 6 danios and 2 albino bristle nose plecos. The tank had been experiencing extremely high nitrate level so I decided to get some plants to...
  15. Joshua Nathan Davies

    Don't Panic!

    We can be very disciplined when it comes to tank maintenance and sometimes we are unable to maintain the routines for some reason. I was unfortunately out of town due to the corona pandemic and came back to my tank which needed a good maintenance. Heres how I handle it!
  16. D

    Help Identify Algae And Cause

    40g breeder l Ehiem canister Fresh and plant 3.0 led fixture 25% percent water change every week Dosing excel once right after the water change Dosing potassium once after water change Dosing flourish once after change. 3pm to 9pm light schedule... that’s the schedule for the tank. any...
  17. W

    Baseline Ph Level For Injecting Co2 Help

    I e searched as many forums and posts as my brain can handle and can’t find the answer to my question. I’m sure it’s been talked about somewhere in-depth but... Starting co2 injection and want to know How to calculate co2 levels which of the following should I use for my ph baseline: Tap...
  18. Joshua Nathan Davies

    How I Plan My Aquascape

    So I thought I would share on my approach to setting up an aquascape. I tend to have a spur of the moment inspirational ideas. These ideas begin with seeing other people's work and finding my own twist to the idea. I think it is really important to not copy someone's scape exactly but to...
  19. P


    Hello all, I restarted my 20 gallon tank with ADA Amazonia soil and CO2(Consant power outages last summer forced me to tear it down). I never had problems before cycling my tank but I am afraid the ADA is causing me a massive headache. After a little over a month my ammonia levels have...
  20. P

    New Member Anyone I Need Help

    has anyone find out what causes this stem rot? i replanted my ludwigia inclinata to my other tank but after three weeks i notice it was not growing like before i pulled out the plant and i see that the roots and the stem where the roots grow started rotting anyone? help please