1. francescam

    Hello From Washington State

    Hi there, I am Francesca and I am just starting my planted tank journey. My 4y daughter Charlotte said she wanted a goldfish and after the flashbacks of the daily dying of my childhood goldfish I decided I would do a beautiful planted tank with a betta instead. We are very excited for our nano...
  2. A

    Hello For Austin, Tx!

    Ready to start what looks to be an expensive journey!!!
  3. L

    Hello, Hello

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm an aquaholic. I need help, please let me post. Thanks.
  4. C

    Finally Saying Hello!

    Really not sure if starting a new hello thread was the proper thing to do.
  5. A


    hello, i am just but a novice aquarium owner, currently the tanks i care for are a mix match. Largest tank: 120gal? main purpose is for Corydoras, breeding pair of Ancistrus cf. chirrous, two small peruvian angels, 1 Geophagus red head(5"-6") and surmanesis (6"-7"), mix of skunk cories...
  6. K

    Hello Everyone (new High Tech Tank)

    Hello everyone So I found this forum by a link in George farmers book and really wanted to be part of a community and share my experiences and gain more knowledge from fellow aquascapers. I have keeped a variety of tanks in the past starting with a 125 litre community setup,moving on to a 500...
  7. J

    Hello Lovely People!

    Hiya I'm new here I've been in the hobby for around 1.5 years and had my share of ups and downs. I find myself loving my tanks some days and then other days I'm so frustrated with them. But I'm sure everyone goes through that. I currently have 3 tanks 230l community tank which has tetra...
  8. WestcoastBingo

    Fresh Off The Boat!

    Good afternoon, Morning, Night Y'all! New to the Fish/Plant/Water baby keeping society! too n to be a proud Owner! We have a 42Gal with Curved front corners, currently been cycling for 3-4 weeks the establish the bacteria while designing our Aquascape! Our intentions is a semi-full planted...
  9. M

    Hello Everybody!

    Hello everybody! I am very glad to be on this forum. My name is Elena (Miss Grass), I am from Ukraine. I am fond of aquascaping. In the past, I had a chance to participate in competitions. But now, due to circumstances, I have changed my place of residence and am going to start a new aquarium...
  10. M


    Hi all happy to be here
  11. M


    Hi everyone, I'm glad I found you ... and I hope to learn a lot from this community ... (sorry my bad English). :D I had an aquarium, but it's been over 20 years, today the world of aquariums has evolved a lot, so I consider myself a beginner!
  12. R


    Hi all! I'm from the US and am newish to planted aquariums. I have two low tech planted nano tanks—a 30cm cube and a 25 cm cube. The info I've gleaned from this site has been enormously helpful and I still have a lot to learn. So, thank you, and I'm excited to join this community!
  13. U


    I'm new member from Turkey.
  14. T

    Hello I Am A New Member

    Em vào giao lưu học hỏi mong mọi người giúp đỡ, sẵn tiện hỏi thăm kiến thức thủy sinh
  15. FischAutoTechGarten

    Hello, I'm A New Member - Fischautotechgarten - Sonoran Desert Fish Nook

    My name is Peter. A hobbyist from way back (like AquaticPlantsDigest-APD, theKrib, GeorgeBooth way back...) recently re-entering the hobby with vigor, having commenced the planning, purchasing, preparing and putting into play a mini fish room, The Sonoran Desert Fish Nook. My wife and I reside...
  16. P


    Hello to all! First time I’m trying my hand at a large planted tank. Looking forward to seeing what other enthusiasts with large tanks are doing!
  17. K

    Hello Too All

    Just wanted to say Hello , I a new but old guy at planted tanks , I have just started a new 45 gal rimless about two months ago and have been slowly getting it dialed in . I have add co2 to the tank and I have a flat one light hanging over it . I used to keep an aquarium 12+ years ago and now...
  18. D

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Dejan and I'm from Ljubljana/Slovenia/Europe. Curently I have 54 liter setup. Recently added pressurized CO2. I keep cardinal tetras.
  19. P

    Hello Everyone

    I'm Patrick. I've a high tech setup in a 100g tank, w/ sump and thick gravel over a plenum, It is a community tank with neons, White clouds, SAE corys, emperor tetras, ghost shrimp.
  20. C

    Hello Hello From The West Coast

    Hey everyone, brand new here chiming in from Lakewood, California. I've been in the hobby for over a decade now and always browse these boards now and again so I figured why not make it official. :) I'm a big fan of Tom's work and have had great correspondences with him regarding questions I've...