green spot algae

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    Green Spot Algae

    I have a tank thats been running for about 5 months now and I keep getting green spot algae on my hardscape only. I know its usually a po4 deficiency or just a dirty tank but I vacuum up all the mulm/waste each water change. I have a twinstar 600 ea on the tank and I wanted to push more par by...
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    Green Spot Algae

    I have a new tank setup about 14 weeks old, been dealing with a lot of gsa. mostly on the slower plants like crypts anubias etc. A few on the other stems but not so much. I dose 15ml of apt complete (mon, wed, fri) 50% water change Ive dosed extra phosphorous in the past as it is one of the...
  3. Poseidon

    Is this green spot algae?

    Seems abit spotty and abit furry.