1. joraan

    For Sale: 2x Eriocalon Goias Shipped.

    Super easy to grow. you will get the bigger 1 as pictured. Guaranteed live arrival, as long as there is no USPS shipping delays. 40$ Shipped.
  2. K

    For Sale: Dhg 'belem', Hygrophila Serpyllum, Rotala Mexicana 'goias'

    Tank was in dire need for a trim/rescape, have a few plant species to let go... All submersed grown... DHG 'belem' - $10 per 3"x3" portion Hygrophila serpyllum - $10 per 20x nodes Rotala mexicana 'Goias' - $10 per 20x stems (at least 2") Add $7 USPS Priority shipping (CONUS), can combine...