1. D

    5 Gallon Cube Garden

    Hello all, here's an update to my weekend project. Finished planting over the weekend and planning on running this dry start for 4+ weeks. Fully sealed in cling wrap and getting 12 hrs of light per day. Opening twice a day to mist with water and occasional ferts and wabi kusa mist. I also siphon...
  2. F

    Ada 60p Cube Garden

    My new tank set up
  3. tiger15

    Natural moss stone forest

    I am sharing some photos I took on my recent trip to Iceland. Iceland is a moss paradise, with moss covering mountain, rock and beaches everywhere. There are no tree forest there, only moss stone forest. Iceland has many volcanoes that erupt about once a decade. So the island is covered with...
  4. Beni

    45cm Garden Cube Nature Scape

    This will be my third aquascape, and the first using an open top garden cube. I learnt a lot from my last two attempts and am really excited to have a good quality tank and equipment to scape for the first time (my last tank was makeshift / modified and didn't really work that well). The...