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    Hc Dsm Problems

    Hello, I know there are tons of threads about DSM HC. I've looked at countless threads but can't seem to get an answer for my particular scenario. I started a DSM in my 12g long. I've done a DSM with HC and EWC before and had outstanding results. The problem I'm having is if I mist too much I...
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    Fungi On Egeria

    Hello! I'm new to this forum. I promise I'll get around to posting an introduction one of these days;) Yesterday I spotted some (what looks to be) fungi on some of my submersed plants, and I was hoping someone here might have experience with that. (see attached image) It looks like a fungi...
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    What Kind Of Algae Is This One???

    I need help with an “algae” (not sure it’s actually an algae) in my moss tank. It is a 29 gallon low tech tank that has been established for about a year. There are some snails and about 15 small gold tetras in the tank. The ammonia and nitrite are 0. The nitrates are between 10-20ppm. Ph...