1. Seattle_Aquarist

    Today Free Talk - Paludariums!! Karen Randall @ 6:00 Pdst

    TODAY Free Talk - Paludariums!! Karen Randall @ 6:00 PDST YouTube livestream presented by the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society ( Location: YouTube livestream Date: June 9th, 6 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time For our June [virtual] meeting, the Greater Seattle...
  2. Seattle_Aquarist

    ** Fishes Of Cambodia - Dr Anthony Mazeroll ** Free Talk - Gsas - Feb 12th

    GSAS MEETING CANCELLED ** Fishes of Cambodia ** CANCELLED, Seattle Pacific University, Otto Miller Hall, Room 109, 7:30 PM Our February meeting's presentation is Fishes of Cambodia - Hidden Gems, presented by Dr. Anthony Mazeroll. He describes the talk as a photographic guide to the fishes...
  3. M

    Free: Here At California

    Anything about weed here at California? I am new here and I dont have an Idea
  4. PhilipS

    For Sale: Plant Sale - Algae & Pest Free Tissue Cultures

    Algae & Pest Free Tissue Cultures - $8 Shipping Althernanthera Reineckii Mini - $10 each Alternanthera reineckii Purple - $10 each Amblystegium serpens 'Nano Feather Moss’ - $10 each Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink - $10 each Cryptocoryne undulata "Broad Leaves" - $10 each Cryptocoryne Lutea - $10...
  5. Seattle_Aquarist

    **gary Lange - Rainbowfish** Free Presentations At Gsas June 11th & June 12th

    **Gary Lange - Rainbowfish** Free Presentations at GSAS June 11th & June 12th Gary Lange is one of the most prominent experts on Rainbowfish in the country, as well as a columnist, author, photographer and collector. He's also a professional chemist. Gary has been keeping fish since he was...
  6. D


    Doing a "flash" RAOK. Ok so I just did a trim, I got: roughly a good size golfball of pearlweed stems. You can replant these and they are bound to grow. Also have some Ludwigia arcuata stems, about 7, ill give this to whoever comments down below TONIGHT ONLY, for 4.50$ to cover shipping Again...
  7. D

    Free: RAOK / Contest inspired by Dennis.

    Since dennis is doing a contest, I wanna do one. yea. btw this shiz is grown emersed. 6 Portions (about 2" - 4") of Brazilian pennywort 6 Stems of L. repens 6 Stems of L. Rubin 10 Stems of L. Arcuata 6 Stems of bacopa monnieri 6 GOLFBALL SIZE PORTIONS OF Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides A few...
  8. Dennis Singh

    Free: Random act of kindness-s grades

    must spread cheer in these times of fear the world is going to shit, or so i hear times are hard as we gear gear towards more hatred, atrocities, and yet more fear So enlighten up Cheer up I don't know how i will choose either personally or random number All i know is I am not doing anything...
  9. D

    Free: The First RAOK!

    So I think ill do the honors of doing the first RAOK (random act of kindness) on here this year that ive seen. This RAOK includes: Over 2 handfuls of Bacopa Monnieri Stems of Ludwigia Arcuata Some stems of Ammania sp. Bonsai Some Stems of Ludwigia Rubin about 10 golfball size portions (or...