1. M

    What Time For Eheim Skimmer 350?

    Would y'all recommend I run my Eheim 350 skimmer at night or as slipfinger suggested he does on his 75g "weed farm" for: "half hour runtime multiple times a day" ( I've been reading posts where Tom emphasizes again and again CO2 levels...
  2. Y

    2 Tanks For Testing (not As Extreme As The Rotala Kill Tanks)

    Hi all, Long-time not posted, but I do want to share some experiences of the last 4 months and ask some advice. Previously, I had a 90 gallon bucephalandra tank that was nice, but there were problems: 1: curling of some of the new bucephalandra leaves, holes in new leaves of javaferns, bba...
  3. chrisaggie

    Need Help Treating New Plants For Planaria

    I recently got some anubias petite and fissidens moss in the mail. Before putting in the tank I put them in a small bowl to clean them up. Their are quite a few planaria coming off the plants. I have kept those plants separate for now until I can treat. I have some fenbendazole on the way. I...
  4. A

    What BBA can’t stand

    I love aquatic ecosystems and I’ve kept aquariums and ponds for most of my life. I noticed that BBA may grow in the aquarium at some point, but in 40 years I never, ever got BBA in my ponds, not even a single spot of it. In my ponds I may get many other types of algae, with the long green...
  5. N

    $200 or less...LED light suggestions for 24" tank w/CO2

    I'm looking for some suggestions for a light that will do well to provide medium to high light for my upcoming tank which is 24" x 18" x 18". I plan to use pressurized CO2 in this tank. Plants won't likely be anything too difficult to keep...and I know a lot are actually low light plants but...
  6. H

    What are the Ques for adjustments in the planted tank.

    I have seen many people ( ok mainly Tom Barr) refer to listening to the plants and the tank for ques instead of testkits. Stuff like Weird plant growth ---> Nutrient deficiency Algae ----> Not enough co2/plants fish gasping -----> Too much co2 plants pearling ---> good saturation of CO2 and O2...
  7. H

    is 80 PPM nitrate the ideal concentration for plant growth?

    I saw on one of Tom Barrs videos a chart that showed the percentage of plant growth with respect to nitrate levels. Although i'm not entirely sure if i interpreted it correctly as i can't find the video again. Assuming maximum light,co2,and other nutrients to scale, is 80 ppm nitrate near...
  8. tiger15

    Do you have a travel plan for your planted tank

    I don't have any automatic dosing except for CO2 and lighting. The health of my planted tank depends on my daily dosing of nutrients and excel. There is always a set back when I returned from travel, like BBA popped up here and there, and plant debris clogged intakes. My travel plan for my...
  9. L

    Remineralizing ro water for planted discus tank

    I have really bad tap water so I run it through a RO system, then to get the ph to around 6.5 and keep kh and gh around 4 I add co2 and seachem equilibrium and alkalinity buffer. What I am wondering is since I can't use my tap water to equalize my ro, has anybody used a remineralizing cartridge...
  10. deepgreen

    Bart Laurens recipe for DIY clay with CSMB root tabs?

    I am trying to find a cheap way to provide micros as root tabs and thought about clay balls with CSMB in the center similar to regular macro clay balls. However, I recently read that Bart Laurens makes his own clay powder plus CSMB root tabs. Does anybody happen to know his recipe, e.g how much...
  11. rs18alpha

    Can the KNO3 and KH2PO4 be mixed together for E.I. Dosing??

    When I start to use the E I method I was wondering if I should mix the KNO3 and KH2PO4 together? I would think it would be better to keep them separate if I need to make fine adjustments. What do you think?
  12. Esulli

    BBA for the longest time

    Good morning, I had made my first post a while back introducing myself with hopes of finding help with my algea issues but moved to a new apartment shortly after with plans of making major changes to the tank, so I felt it best to wait and see the effects of my changes before posting for help...
  13. rajkm

    Black Diamond Blasting Sand

    I will be moving to my new house in a month or so and was looking at alternate black sand to Flourite. Came across this which is interesting. The following SDS information should help you know what BDBS is. Something to...
  14. geektom

    Removable panels for tank stand

    Hey all- does anyone here have experience with, or can point me to, building removable panels for their stand? I have a large tank project planned for next year; one of the conditions from the better half is that it look "furniture quality". I want to make sure I always have easy access...
  15. Phishless

    For Sale: Riccia for Sale

    4 portions for sale $4 each. Portion is about 8 Shipping is $8 Want to buy it all, send PM. Thanks!
  16. tiger15

    Questions for excel users

    I am presently dosing 2x Excel or about 1 ppm Glut daily to my planted tank to control BBA on hardscape. My low light plants (Anubias, Java Fern, Buce and Bolbitis) were free of BBA even without excel because I have been dosing CO2. Based on my literature research, 1 ppm Glut is adequate to...
  17. C

    Best placement for filter intake and circ pump

    Hi I have a 75 planted tank that I am looking to add a circulation pump to help plants grow and overall tank circulation. I have a fluval 406 and adding a hydor 425 gph circulation pump. what would be the best placement for filter intake and output as well as where to put circulation pump to...
  18. D

    Free: RAOK / Contest inspired by Dennis.

    Since dennis is doing a contest, I wanna do one. yea. btw this shiz is grown emersed. 6 Portions (about 2" - 4") of Brazilian pennywort 6 Stems of L. repens 6 Stems of L. Rubin 10 Stems of L. Arcuata 6 Stems of bacopa monnieri 6 GOLFBALL SIZE PORTIONS OF Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides A few...