1. P

    Is My Light Is Ok For Low-tech Moderately Planted.

    Hello, 2 months ago I bought this tank : The fluval vista 23g Capacity : 23g Aquarium Size : 30” x 12” x 18” (76 x 30 x 45.7 cm) LED Watts : 8.4 W LED Lumens : 800 LM LED Color Temp. : 8000 K At this time, I thought that my light was way to weak to grow plants,so I bought a T5HO 2x24w...
  2. J

    Lighting Choice For An Ada 30c

    So I have a micmol aqua air 300 series over my 30C as of now, it's very powerful, but just cant get any color out of red plants. I can can get an AI Prime HD freshwater for a really good price or I could get an Twinstar 300E for around the same price. Anybody have experience with both of these...
  3. M


    Thank you for accepting me in the forum
  4. J

    Using Phosban Reactor For Co2

    I'm in the process of setting up and installing pressurized Co2 into a 55 gal planted aquarium. After the frustration of searching for quality commercial Co2 reactors, I followed up on the suggestion from my LFS to use the Two Little Fishies Phosban 150 Reactor. It will be inline from an Eheim...
  5. Chad

    For Sale: Plants For Sale

    Shipping is $7 USPS priority for a small flat rate box with tracking. $15 order total please. All plants are grown in my tanks with high light/ferts/co2. Paypal only. Stem Sale! Get a small flat rate box stuffed of Limnophila Aromatica Mini or Rotala Rotundifolia for $25 shipped. I will...
  6. Phishless

    For Sale: Buce Theia Blue For Sale Gone

    Bucephalandra Theia Blue (gets 1"leaves) 20 smaller plants $2ea. All for $40 shipped. Got to trimming and cleaning and I just can't keep all of this. Let me know what type of tank you are running. I always send extras of other species, my choice. 20180514_220712 by Phishless posted May 14...
  7. 3

    Calnutrient Dosing Calculator 'g' (gram) Setting For Premixed Giving Ppms Calcs Off By 1000x

    attached screenshot shows 1g of flourish nitrogen adding ~15 grams of N to a 1L aquarium. seems like this bug affects all the compounds under Premixed. p.s sorry for the typo in the title.
  8. G

    Larger Flexible Drain Hose For Overflow Box

    Hi, I am putting together an overflow box for a new 220 gallon tank. To get a 10x turnover, I am planning on about 2,000 gallons per hour. I think I will need at least 3 maybe 4, 1" hoses to carry the return capacity using a Bean Animal style arrangement. I have used these Eshopps 1" ID style...
  9. C

    Is Pleco A Perfect Tank Mate For Planted Tank?

    please share your opinions.
  10. SwampGremlin

    For Sale: Swagelok Ss For Sale

    Hi guys just posting this to see if any one wants it hope everyones tanks are doing well! Asking $500 works flawlessly 955F1D64-3BF0-4400-AB44-95AFC0CF004F by SwampGremlin posted Apr 24, 2018 at 1:02 AM
  11. D

    Newbie For Planted Tank

    Hi All I'm a newbie for planted tank. Currently got a 10 gallon lightly planted tank and just brought in a 20 gallon long tank. Planning to have it heavily planted. Nice to meet you all up here cheers!
  12. Grant Varcoe

    Light Globes For Plants And Freshwater Tropical Fish.

    I have 2 x housing EXO terra type so i have put globes in that promotes the word NATURAL lighting with full spectrum not sure if this is ok or bad for fish.. as everywhere you look on information on these products it always relates back to Frogs Turtles or Reptiles ( snakes,Lizards ). But it has...
  13. N

    Is It Me You’re Looking For?

    12A68F40-B900-4559-B3E2-15B7DCF9EAF4 by Nano Mano posted Mar 6, 2018 at 8:19 PM
  14. B

    Treating Nerites For Callamanus

    Long story short, I picked up a couple new discus around a month ago and didnt quarantine them long enough. Put them into my display tank after a couple weeks as thought they were healthy. One definitely was and the other I was thinking was just being shy from being picked on by the...
  15. DeepMetropolis

    Light For My New Tank.

    Hello all, I'm planning on a new tank with the dimensions 130x50x50 cm that is about 51x20x20 inch with CO2 injected. Want to place led spots instead of a long led bar, Kessil spots are very expensive here so I had Aquamedic in mind, the specs from their site is : --- Dimensions (housing) app...
  16. A

    Co2 For A 400g Tank

    Hey Guys, I have just installed a diy co2 reactor that is 150mm in diameter and 600mm long. There is 1200ltr pump running this reactor straight into my sump. My issues are that the ph is only dropping from 7.4 to 7.2. The kh is 4 and the co2 comes on 2 hours before the lights turn...
  17. S


    I am Sachin from India. Been into planted aquarium hobby for 1 years.
  18. R

    Thread Size For C02 Reg Output

    Hello all, I'm in process if setting up a 75g planted tank and need a bit of help. Plan on doing a build thread when I get it up and going. Tank is cycled, semi planted (more to come when I get them out of QT) and stocked with 1 BNP, 2 Giant Danios and 3 Platys to keep the cycle going...
  19. Phishless

    For Sale: Phishless Has Buce For Sale Gone!

    Here is Buce in my tank. Submerged growth for over 1 year. This patch has more than doubled in size, too much space required. There is some BBA here and there, younger shorter pieces have none. If you've done this before it will clean up well. They were all planted as stems tall growing with...
  20. Julia Adkins

    Food For Thought And Food For Plants

    Fertilizers are food for plants. Unlike people or animals plants do not have a tendency to store away the excess energy from food in the form of fat, which is a condensed energy source. If there are excess nutrients in the soil or the water for aquatic plants, the plants simply do not use them...