1. K

    For Sale: Christmas Sale For Ludwigia "whites"! 10 Stems For $38 + Ship!!!

    USPS Priority = $8 10 x Ludwigia "WHITE"!!! ALL STEMS ARE ROOTED! NO CUTTINGS! All stems are from 1st FIRST PHOTO ( Current Pic ), ranging from 3-8+ inches long rooted!!! RANDOM GRAB! = Only $38 bucks!
  2. H

    Tips For Improvement Of My 3 Months Old Tank

    Hi all, Im new planted tank and this is my first tank I have 2 questions How do I improve the general healthiness of my plants? How do i make my plants bushier? especially my rotala rotundifolia
  3. C

    Help Me Create A Fertilizer Regimen For My Needs?

    I'm looking for a fertilizer regimen for the following conditions that describe the way I keep tanks: -No CO2 in pressurized or liquid form -Insert substrate with root tabs (maybe some MTS eventually again, but I'm not planning on it again for the present) -Low to medium light (this ranges from...
  4. Neil

    Ideal Photoperiod For Plants.

    Is it possible to reduce the photo-period by increasing the light intensity ?
  5. Y

    Con Not Solve This Problem For Months

    I'm struggling a problem with my plants for months and I can not slove it no matter what I did. My plants's old leaves are turning black / brown / transperent / melt. Like in the pictures. I tried allmost everything. I did the folloving regularly and One different treatment at a time. I did not...
  6. Fishfur

    Canadian Sources For Diy Fert Ingredients

    I'm in Ontario, Can., in the Toronto area and I'm running out of the makings for my DIY ferts The store I last purchased the ingredients from isn't carrying them anymore. And when I looked online to find another source, it sure looks like KN03 isn't even available here these days, even in the...
  7. M

    For Sale: Co2 Equipment For Sale

    I’m selling the following CO2 equipment: ADA Drop checker. It has a grey suction cup. $25 + shipping. CO2 reactor with brass check valve. $30 + shipping CO2 Regulator. This regulator came from Green Leaf Aquarium. It has an upgraded solenoid, an Ideal Needle Valve, and a brass check valve...
  8. Sahiri

    Wanted: Looking For A Nano Solenoid

    I am hoping someone has upgraded CO2 and isn't using one of these any longer. I am looking for a regulator with a solenoid that connects to nano CO2 cartridges with 5/8"-18 UNF thread (typically 88g and 95g cartridges). It will look basically like this one.
  9. rs18alpha

    Ppm Levels For Specific Plants? E I Or Ada Dosage?

    I've read some articles about growing red plants. They've suggested that lower levels of N helps with keeping the plants red. I know we have to keep an eye on proper CO2 levels and light as well. I'm not trying to grow Red plants at this point. When I've tried to grow Red plants in the past the...
  10. Sahiri

    Lights For Nano Tanks

    Greetings! I am looking for manufacturer suggestions for lighting a nano tank. My tank dimensions are: 9.6 L x 8 W x 9.2 H. It is a rimless tank. I would like to be able to properly support Hemianthus callitrichoides along with other small plants such as staurogyne. I do have pressurized co2...
  11. mv1175

    Schedule Setting For Ai Prime Freshwater.

    Howdy all, Anyone have any experience with setting up a schedule for AI Prime Freshwater LEDs? My googling has not found anything specific except how to use the app. I am looking for suggestions for the lighting schedule. Thanks guys.
  12. mv1175

    Led Lighting Solutions For A 90 Gallon Tank

    The dimension of the tank are 48"Wx24"Hx18"D. Will be using pressurized CO2 and ADA aquasoil. I understand that light penetration may be an issue at 24"...and that HC Cuba is on the substrate. I would be prefer to go with an LED lighting solution. Would a single Finnex Ray 2 or Fluval planted...
  13. skija

    Ati Aquablue Special T5 For Freshwater

    Hi , anyone using T5 ATI Aquablue Special for freshwater ? I know it might sound a bit stupid but i like the more white / blueish colors then the yellowish ones I want to combine 1 tube of ATI Aquablue Special with 1 giesemannn daylight Tanks
  14. E

    For Sale: Large Xmas Moss Mats (great For Shrimp!)

    Hi All! I got some super shrimp moss mats that are excellent additions to your shrimp tanks. I have 4 very large and dense moss mats for sale for $16 each shipped or buy all of them for $48 shipped. Each of these mats contain a black polyethylene base (shown in picture) along with a stainless...
  15. Hardwell

    For Sale: Small Trim For Sale.

    Random 20 healthy stems of the following $17 shipped. Plants are grown in cool water with high light and CO2. Will be shipped priority mail wrapped in a wet paper towel. Will cut and send after payment has been sent. USA only. Pogostemon Kimberly Ludwidgia Cuba Pogostemon Stellatus Persicaria...
  16. jacktheblack

    Looking For Suitable Plants

    I am new to planted tank. I am wondering what plants should I grow on the bonsai tree suitable for low light condition. Anyone with experience about this please help me.
  17. Phishless

    For Sale: Package For A Small Tank W/co2 Sold

    This lot has been sold! Good Evening: I've been saving lots of remnants during my trims lately. These are shorter stems minimum about 3". Shipped = $24, to include no less than 10 - ludwigia arcuata 4 - didiplis diandra 6 - rotala magenta 6 - rotala mini butterfly 3 - P.erectus 4 - ranunculus...
  18. rs18alpha

    Dimmer For Twinstar 900s Led

    Does anyone know what type of dimmer will work with my twinstar? I've tried a few but the connectors won't match up, the dimmer plugs are too big.
  19. K

    Looking For Stocking Suggestions; 37 Gallon Tank With Kuhli Loaches. Other Fish Ideas?

    Tank Specs 37 gallon tank (30" L x 16" W x 22" H) TopFin Power 40 Filter (soon to be switched out for a canister instead) Some plants, but will eventually be a fully planted tank. Plants include DHG (might remove as I know it won't carpet without CO2), and unidentified crypts. Hood with built...
  20. T

    Newbie To High Tech. Need Someone To Review My Method For Peace Of Mind Before I Start This Tank.

    I am in the process of setting up my first high tech tank and I have a bunch of questions about water and fertilizing. My setup will be a heavily planted 55 gallon forest style tank. I plan to run CO2, RO water (I live in LA with liquid rock water) and 2x current satellite pro + lights. I...