1. Patrick Toulze

    From Canada, Having Fish Tanks For More Than 30 Years...

    My actual setup is a 33 gal tank (going to the big one soon) — Led light with TC420 controller, CO2 tank/regulator/reactor. Dry dosage. Will post more... Hy everybody...
  2. D

    Hey Some One Can Recommend For Me What The Best Par For High Tech Tank ?

    hey some one can recommend for me what the best par for high tech tank ? maybe some one know thanks for advanced
  3. F

    Question For No3 Dose

    I try to figure how much consumption of NO3 I have in my tank. I add NO3 from the dose of KNO3 and from my wc water. These are the only sources or I also have more amount from my tank, like nitrogen cycle fishes and plants??
  4. K

    Wanted: Hygrophila Balsamica (us)

    I'm looking for hygrophila balsamica, in the continental US. Willing to pay up to $20 + priority flat rate shipping cost
  5. H

    Led Light Suggestions For 12gal Tank

    I'm looking for some suggestions for a light that will do well to provide medium to high light for my upcoming tank which is 16.9"L X 10.2"W X 23.4"High. 12gal I plan to use DIY CO2 in this tank. Plants, Various cryts, Java fern, s.repens.
  6. K

    New To Planted, Testing For Kh?

    Hey guys, First time poster, hopefully I've posted in the right section. This is a simple question i hope. Ive been using pressurized Co2 and ive started to get blackbeard algae. After reading around, i found that maybe i haven't been providing enough Co2. So i used the sticky on this site...
  7. T

    Ei Dose For 8 Liter Tank

    Hello friends -I want to use EI for tank 20X20x25 using 20x20x20 = 8 liters. Use RO water -I don't know how to start using the dose? -I have the following chemicals: KNO3 KH2PO4 K2SO4 MgSO4.7H2O CaSO4.2H2O CSM + B -you guys just help me
  8. eVolution

    How Much Light For My Tank?

    Some specs before I start rambling on. Tank: around 30 gallons. Lights: 3 LED strips, 2x white, 1x RGB Time controller: TC420 CO2: none Substrate: Dirt and laterite Plants: Pistia stratiotes Microsorum Pteropus (Java fern) Vallisneria spiralis Staurogyne sp. "Bihar" Nymphoides hydrophylla...
  9. Harris Tiu

    Adjusting Needle Valve For Stable Co2

    Guys, I am currently in the aftermath of my planted 75g crashing. Red plants died, Monte Carlo fading yellow. I dispensed the CO2 Gas via powerhead as my tank is 4 feet long. I believe I had running medium light. Also, I had a Canister Filter with a spray bar creating some agitation a little...
  10. Phishless

    For Sale: Plants For Sale April 2nd "gone"

    4 - lobelia cardinalis $1 each 5 - ammannia senegalensis $1 each 20 nodes - Hydrocoytyle sibthorpioides 6 - rotala nanjenshan 9 - ludwigia repens 10 - ludwigia brevipes 4 - pogostemon pumilis 4 - ranunculus inundatus Possible bladder/pond snails, I try to remove all. No algae present on these...
  11. Fishfur

    What's The Best Investment, For Co2 Regulators & What Goes With Them

    Just read the thread with all that amazing info on buying components to build one's own CO2 regulator, and while I usually enjoy DIY, when it comes to pressurized gas, that's not an area where I have much experience to fall back on. Hopefully, I can find someone locally that can help me and if...
  12. L

    Is An Aqua Medic 1000 Large Enough For A 250 Gal

    I am trying to determine the best method of providing CO2 for my 250 gallon planted tank. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful.
  13. D

    Using Ei Dosing For Hydroponics

    Slightly off topic but I have been using EI dosing for years with great success. I'm trying to take a step in a different direction namely kratky hydropnics It requires masterblend fertilizer which is an NPK of 4-18-38 which made me think. I have pounds and pounds of dry ferts for my EI dosing...
  14. R

    New Designs For Stores 65g High Tech Tank.

    I've been wanting to re-scape the stores 65g planted display for a while now seeing how there isn't much thought into placement of plants and the substrate is in need of replacement. I have been working on a design for for a more bar styled dutchy tank, and was wondering if you guys had anything...
  15. C

    Suggestion For Help Section

    Maybe there could be a FAQ or a help topic that explains the upload photo? Like, can anyone with a regular membership do it? Is there a size limit? is there an upload limit? Thanks!
  16. R

    T5ho Bulb Choice For 65g More Dutchy Style Tank.

    I need to get bulbs for my stores 65 fw display tank (36*19*24) I have 6 bulb fixture already but its time to change bulbs and the ones i currently have don't bring out the reds or blues as much. I know some people just do all reds and blues, and some just do 6500k's, and some do one of each. I...
  17. Harlequin Rasbora

    Wanted: Manzanita Driftwood For 60p Tank (24"l). Northern California

    Hi All, I'm looking to procure hardscape for a new 60p tank in Northern California. Dimensions L x W x H: 23.7" x 11.9" x 14.2" Volume: 17.1 Gallons. Design inspiration from aquariumdesigngroup: Check attachment. Please reply if you have any to sell at an affordable price.
  18. F

    Request For Inclusion Of Calculation For Ultramax Micro Nutrients

    Hi, Faizan here I want to request to you that can you please add calculation for the brand Ultramax Micro Nutrients. For micro fertz. I will be thankful because i don't have any micro fertilizer here in Pakistan and have only this brand that k have found recently.
  19. Stix

    Brown Algae For Many Months

    Hey everyone, I've been having issues with BBA and brown algae ever since I started my 180L Rio aquarium in May 2018. It hasn't been gone yet =/. I came across this quote of an article here: How to calculate the light level: Divide the total aquarium light wattage with the aquarium volume...
  20. Farmhand

    Need Bubble Counter For Concoa 412

    In 2010 I purchased a rebuilt Concoa 412 Dual stage regulator for S&KGray using this forum and ran the regulator for 6 months. I needed to break down the aquarium, so I removed the bubble counter to keep it safe in storage. Well the bubble counter is safe aright, where ever it is...