1. G

    Wanted: Us Source For Jbl Sansibar Snow Or Equivalent?

    Anyone know where I can find a US source for very fine,white, silica sand, comparable to JBL Sansibar Snow? It's difficult to find sand that white. Thanks...
  2. Zeus

    Ei Dosing Range For [mg] And [ca]

    Hi folks I am working on a program (excel spreadsheet) that calculates all you salts for you based on your tank size, WC% and your local water report. You enter your dosing volumes/container size/frequency etc You select your regime/product then pick your salts you plan you use, and presto its...
  3. J

    Red Plants For Modest Par Levels?

    Hi everyone! I am setting up a 5 gallon/19 liter CO2 tank and - after doing some research (including on this forum) - want to keep my substrate PAR at about 30-50 umols to keep some semblance of stability in the tank. My question is, are there any plants that will readily turn red under such...
  4. Bert336

    Parameters For Ei Planted Tank

    Hi Gurus, I am not so beginner in terms of aquarium experience but recently just plunges to have a planted tank set up for my discus. I want to know what should be my paramaters in Nitrate, Phosphate, Potassium etc for me to have 2x a month of 50% water change. I do not know if this is better...
  5. Fat Guy

    Fluval 3.0 Or Twinstar 600ea For My 60uns

    Debating now if I should get the Fluval 3.0 for $127 or the Twinstar 600ea with dimmer for $179. As mentioned before I could put the fluval on the acrylic risers I made in the pic below but I think the twin star wins the beauty contest. Is there a significant difference in the way the plants...
  6. H

    Spectrum For White Plants?

    Hello, first time posting. I am an amateur aquascaper and a few months ago, I acquired some glossostigma elatinoides platinum. Normally, glossostigma grows super quickly like a weed and I’ve never had an issue with it. I am growing the platinum (white variant) emersed from a tissue culture in...
  7. C

    Please Help Me Pick A Fertilizer Method For My Needs?

    I could use some help, please! Which fertilizing method should I go with for my low tech tanks? I am a low tech girl, I do NOT have the understanding of it all, the money, or the energy or memory to keep up with anything complex or expensive. -I have a fish room of about 20 or so tanks from 10...
  8. Neil

    Ideal Gh And Macro Proportion For Ro Water ?

    I'm using 100% RO water. 2 Years Old Aquasoil substrate Current water parameters:- pH - 7.6 GH - 1 dGH Ca:Mg - 4:1 (Only during Water change day using CaSO4 & MgSO4 on replacement water volume) KH - ~0 Pressurized CO2 at 4 bps. Tank water + Sump = 440 Liters. Tank dimension : 4 Lx1.5 Dx2.5 H...
  9. rs18alpha

    How Much Ferts For Just Crypts With Co2 Injection?

    I don't know how much to dose N P K, Micro ppm in my 150 liter with just Crypts?? I'm using a Twinstar 900s it's on for 7 hours -- a CO2 reactor it starts 1 1/2 hrs before lights on and turns off 1 hr before lights off. I'm dosing daily 3ppm KNO3, 1ppm KH2PO4, 1ppm K2SO4 and .2ppm CSMB+ 50%...
  10. T

    Are Diatoms Good For Your Tank?

    After watching "One Strange Planet's, I found out that Diatoms are what makes the Amazon grow. Especially a surge of Diatoms and the a killing of Diatoms causes a major source of fertilization. Therefore, is it a logical conclusion that we need to increase Diatoms and then quickly kill them to...
  11. Dd1880

    Best All Around Substrate For Monte Carlo Low Tech Tank?

    Hi everyone! I was thinking about doing a carpet of Monte Carlo or similar looking carpet plant and was wondering what was the best complete substrate that would last years. I know aquasoil would be the best but would rather not have to change it all out after a year or two. Is there a aquasoil...
  12. 1

    Needing Expert Advice On Lighting For Low To Medium Light Plants

    I have a 55 gallon breeder aquarium with a 48 inch fluval' 2.0 over it.The light fixture is controllable with a wifi' controller. The plants that I am using are low to medium light plants. I will be injecting c02. I want to get the best growth and color from the plants. What would you suggest on...
  13. S

    Div Chiller For 540l Fish Tank

    Hello [email protected] Im wondering if anyone did try or have it expericne to do that. I know The KING of DIV offer somenthing what should work but i could find more information. Im from UK and this summer was especially hot and my temperature in tank reach 31 degrees. Now constantly the temperature is 27...
  14. M

    K2so4 Too High For Pps-pro

    Hi, Old hand at aquarium (1st plant tank in 1990's), new to dry fertilizers. The calculator is set for the following "20 us gal", "a solution", 500 ml container size, 15 ml daily dose, "Perpetual Preservation System". In the spreadsheet screen capture below, the top ("barr") has values...
  15. Scryllarus

    What Sort Of Substrate To Use For Growing Crypts From Regions Emersed

    Edit: looks like I messed up the title. It's supposed to say "from different regions" not "from regions" Hi, this is my first post on this website, so apologies if I did something wrong I'm looking to re do my emersed crypt setup to meet each species specific needs, as right now they're all in...
  16. N

    Aquarist-focused Travel Advice For Visiting Japan?

    Hi! I’m headed to Japan this September on a brief trip. While there, I plan to tour The Nature Aquarium Gallery. Are there other must-see aquariums, shops or galleries the forum members recommend? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration! Kind regards, Tony Nodine
  17. U

    For Sale: Limnophila Aromatica Hippuroides $1.00/stem

    Hello everyone, I have Limnophila Aromatica Hippuroides for $1.00/Stem. Beautiful plant with reddish purple neon tip $10 minimum purchase and $8 for shipping. Please PM if you are interested!
  18. R

    Been Keeping Fish On And Off For 11 Years

    Hello! I have been keeping fish on and off for 11 years and I've been back in the game since last year. I've had a 40 breeder low tech planted with mostly crypts but thinking about going high tech. Looking forward to learning new things!
  19. Phishless

    For Sale: June 30th Plants For Sale Gone!!!

    Good Evening All: Have some plants for sale, not trimmed until purchased. Can ship on July 3rd or on July 8th. 40 nodes - Hydrocoytyle sibthorpioides $4 $1 per stem, shown are available quantities, + $8 shipping 3 - lobelia cardinalis 4 - ludwigia arcuata 5 - ludwigia repens 3 - ludwigia...
  20. Patrick Toulze

    Just Donate $10 For Calculator, One Question About It ?

    Do you have a way to adjust for the difference in dry nutrients concentrations between suppliers. I guess, you will have to play in the inner code of the calculator. Do you have infos on that and a way to download the calculator files. I have a local server that I can use to modify it to my...