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  1. M

    For Sale: Cherry Shrimp

    Looking to sell 10+1 juvenile-young adult cherry grade cherry shrimp. They came from a sakura grade mother, the males just happened to be cherry grade. Price:1.25$ per Shipping: 15$. Shipped via usps priority in breather bags. The box will be lined with...
  2. K

    For Sale: Super Duper Rares! Eriocaulons, Ludwigia Whites, Bolivia 2002, Mosses, JUST TAKE A LOOK!

    USPS Priority = $7 UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED 1 x Erio Mato Grasso ( King Of Erios ) = $150 SHIPPED ( This is NOT Malayatoor. This is TRUE Mato Grasso from Japan Collection ) 1 x Erio "Japan Shiga" = $35 1 x Erio "Phu Yen River" = $40 5 x Alternanthera Reineckii Variegated = $20 5 x...
  3. D


    THESE PRICES ARE LITERALLY DIRT CHEAP THEY ARE SO LOW! Althernanthera Reneckii......0.50$ (per stem) Ammania sp. Bonsai......1$ (per stem) Pearlweed......1.50$ A GOLF BALL!! Bacopa Monnieri......0.50$ (per stem) Ludwigia Rubin......0.50$ (per stem) Shipping is 8$, all transactions through...
  4. deepgreen

    For Sale: Plants Barclaya, Hyptis, Cuba, Monte Carlo, Nymphoides Taiwan, more, package $30 shipped

    Price change! At least one stem per species or more (if I have plenty) or indicated mat size. Everything for $30 shipped. Hi, I just signed up again after my old membership somehow got lost. I did admittedly not post. Anyway, I have to do a tank trimming and you might be interested in some of...
  5. jsarrow

    For Sale: SOLD Co2 Post Body and needle valves for sale

    Selling the following: -CO2 Post Body kit (purchased originally from which includes a Clippard Solenoid and DC power adapter, SMC AS1200 needle valve and associated #10-32 fittings and brass nipple; just needs to be hooked up to a regulator, $40 shipped. -SMC AS2200 Needle...
  6. D

    For Sale: Plants, Plants, and um... More plants :)

    8$ priority shipping, plants come with a live arrival guarantee, if they arrive dead send me an email within 5 hours of arrival and they will be replaced. Plants are grown emersed, easily transition to submersed So the plants for sale today are! (and we got some newbies...) Bacopa Caroliniana...
  7. P

    For Sale: Concoa 212

    Moderator Edit: Please read the rules for the sale forum, and follow them.
  8. fablau

    For Sale: Easy-beginner Plants, 30+ Mixed Plants - $35 Shipped

    2 packages available, price of $30 includes shipping nationwide (Priority Mail with tracking number). The package includes the following plants: Star Grass, Miriophillum, Ambulias, Anubias, Valisneria, Lobelia Cardinalis, Higrophila Polysperma, Higrophila Sunset, Micranthemum Montecarlo...
  9. joraan

    For Sale: Ludwigia Pantanal

    10-12 tops (stems) of Ludwigia Pantanal~60$ shipped. Watch your weather. Pm if interested.
  10. D

    For Sale: The Good Good!

    Bacopa Monierri 1.00$ per stem (3" plus) Althernanthera Reneckii 3$ per stem (4 to 5 inches plus) Hydro. Japan 5$ per golf ball sized portion Ludwigia Arcuata 1$ per stem (3" plus) Ludwigia rubin 1$ per stem (3" plus) Shipping is an additional 8$ Pm me if...
  11. Tom Barr

    For Sale: Red Pantanal, Red Erio, Blood vomit, Red Cuphea

    10 Red pant: 25$ shipped Red Erio: 25$ ea Blood vomit: 25$ ea for large mother plants Cuphea : Large bunch (20+ stems if you cut them): 30$ shipped 7$ ship otherwise.
  12. R

    For Sale: Moving Sale in Sacramento

    I'm moving from the Sacramento area and don't want to pack fish stuff. I live near Lee's Feed in Shingle Springs. Offers accepted. Must pick up. Empty 55 gallon hex acrylic with stand - $25 OBO Empty 12 gallon eclipse (working) with stand - $25 OBO 75gal AGA with glass tops; Stand...