for sale

  1. Phishless

    For Sale: Buce Theia Blue For Sale Gone

    Bucephalandra Theia Blue (gets 1"leaves) 20 smaller plants $2ea. All for $40 shipped. Got to trimming and cleaning and I just can't keep all of this. Let me know what type of tank you are running. I always send extras of other species, my choice. 20180514_220712 by Phishless posted May 14...
  2. C

    For Sale: Clearance: Echinodorus Sp. 2009 From Iguazu 45 Each

    I have a few Echinodorus sp. 2009 from Iguazu for sale, please see the pictures, these are the actual plants that I'm selling. 45USD each, 115USD for 3pcs. only a handful available, first come first serve. shipping is 8USD
  3. Micah D

    For Sale: Plant Package

    I have a lot of mixed stems i would like to sell as a bundle. Im not sure exactly what all I have, but its alot i know that. Everything in picture goes. 30$ includes shipping.
  4. Phishless

    For Sale: Phishless Trim 4 Gone!

    3 - ammania pedicellata $1 each 6 - Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides $1 for 10 nodes 8 - Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (micro sword) $1 for 10 nodes 6 - Brazilian pennywort (8 node stems) .75 each 14 - Ambulia $1 each 6 - Ranunculus inundatus $1 each 8 - Pogostemon stellatus "octopus" .50¢ each 2 - lobelia...
  5. SwampGremlin

    For Sale: Swagelok Ss For Sale

    Hi guys just posting this to see if any one wants it hope everyones tanks are doing well! Asking $500 works flawlessly 955F1D64-3BF0-4400-AB44-95AFC0CF004F by SwampGremlin posted Apr 24, 2018 at 1:02 AM
  6. K

    For Sale: *rares* Ludwigia Whites, Ramosior Florida, Eriocaulons, Hydropiper, Buce Moss, Pilo Moss, Rare Plant

    USPS Priority Mail = $8 ============================================================ Buce Moss LOOSE 1x1 Portion = $18 Buce Moss LOOSE 2x2 Portion = $43 ============================================================ Pilo Moss Overgrown on Lava Rocks 1.5x1.5 = $15...
  7. Chad

    For Sale: Mixed Trim Package

    I am selling some trimmings from my tanks. $30 dollars shipped USPS small flat rate box with tracking. Grown under high-light with Co2. Plants: pogo erectus ludwig red ludwig repens rotala rotundifolia limno aromatic pogo helferi bacopa m pantanal And possibly some others. Very little if any...
  8. M

    For Sale: Ada Colorado Sand

    Looking to sell / trade 8kg of washed but unused ADA Colorado Sand. Asking 30 shipped. Will trade for a fair amount of: Anubias Barteri Coffeeifolia Bolbitis
  9. gatorbait1010

    For Sale: High Tech Trimmings

    USPS Priority Shipping: $8 7 Pogostemon Kimberly: $4 ea. (May have emersed tips) 10 Bacopa Colorata: $1.50 ea 7 Ludwigia super red: $2 ea 2 HUGE Ludwigia Gladulosa/Peruensis Var. Diamond: $4 ea 10 Large Ludwigia Ovalis: $3 ea 2 Large Hygrophila Pinnatfida: $5 ea 8 Ludwigia Cuba: $2 ea 6...
  10. P

    For Sale: Aquarium In-vitro Plants

    In-Vitro Plants sold by the Cup. Pest free. No Snails or Algae. Shipping $9 Flat Rate Within USA. Alternanthera Reinecke 'Mini' $7.00 Alternanthera reineckii Lilicina $7.00 Ammannia sp. Bonsai $7.00 Anubias barteri var Barteri $12.50 Bacopa Caroliniana $7.00 Bacopa Monnieri 'Compact'...
  11. Phishless

    For Sale: Phishless Trim#3

    3 - ammania pedicellata $1 each 6 - Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides $1 for 10 nodes 8 - Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (micro sword) $1 for 10 nodes 4 - Alternanthera reineckii $1 each 12 - Ambulia $1 each 12 - Ranunculus inundatus $1 each 2 - Luwigia Peruensis $2 each 1 - crypt green gecko $2 each 1 -...
  12. M

    For Sale: Crypt Parva And Wendtii Green

  13. Chad

    For Sale: Pantanal X6 Stems

    I need to make room and my pantanal is taking up alot of space. $32 Paypal shipped USPS priority with tracking. Each stem is ~6 inches and there is 6 stems total. You will be getting the stems to the left of the image. No signs of algae.
  14. Phishless

    For Sale: Phishless Trim #2 Few New Items Gone!

    Gone 4 - ammania pedicellata $1 each Gone 8 - Brazilian pennywort 50¢ each 8 node piece Gone 6 - Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides $1 each 10 node piece 10 - Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (micro sword) $1 each 10 node piece Gone 5 - Alternanthera reineckii $1 each 2 - Riccia $1 per square inch Gone 6 -...
  15. Tom Barr

    For Sale: Erio Ratnagiricum,blood Vomit,neasea Crassilius,s Giant

    Erio rats: 25$ ea+ ship(7.50) or 5 for 100$ shipped Same for Blood vomit mothers. Neasea crassilius, not the easiest plant, but slower growth and nice denser branching, deep red color. 4 stems for 35$ shipped Synognanthus "giant" 6 or more for 25$ shipped, depending on what's left, I know I...
  16. K

    For Sale: List Of Rare Moss, Rare Stems, Uncommon Plant Package! Look!

    USPS Priority Ship = $8 ============================================== 2x2 BUCE MOSS On Stainless Steel Screen! ( This moss is NOT NEWLY TIED. It has been growing in my tank for months and months! ) = Only $45! ( Only have a few left ) ==============================================...
  17. Phishless

    For Sale: Phishless Has Buce For Sale Gone!

    Here is Buce in my tank. Submerged growth for over 1 year. This patch has more than doubled in size, too much space required. There is some BBA here and there, younger shorter pieces have none. If you've done this before it will clean up well. They were all planted as stems tall growing with...
  18. K

    For Sale: Elos Co2 Rea 30 Kit

  19. Phishless

    For Sale: Phishless 1st 2018 Trim Gone!

    Big trim about done and very overloaded! I always make thing better than prices listed but I am required to post a price. 3 - small anubias? remnants that have started growing $1 each 6 - Brazilian pennywort .50 each Gone 9 - Golden Lloydelia .50 each 4 - Lg. Lobelia cardinalis $2 each, many...