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  1. Phishless

    For Sale: Package For A Small Tank W/co2 Sold

    This lot has been sold! Good Evening: I've been saving lots of remnants during my trims lately. These are shorter stems minimum about 3". Shipped = $24, to include no less than 10 - ludwigia arcuata 4 - didiplis diandra 6 - rotala magenta 6 - rotala mini butterfly 3 - P.erectus 4 - ranunculus...
  2. Phishless

    For Sale: Late July Trimming

    Really overgrown @ this time! 8 - Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides $1 for 10 nodes 8 - Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (micro sword) $1 for 10 nodes 10 - Ambulia $1 each 20 - Ranunculus inundatus $1 each 4- lobelia cardinalis $1.00 each, some are larger plants 4 - didiplis diandra $1 each 15 - rotala...
  3. K

    For Sale: Rare: Eriocaulaceae Setaceum 'keyari Sou'

    I have this nice RARE plant sp to sell, few stems only avialable... It's grown on a high-tech setup, CO2 and LED lights... Selling it for $12 per stem (with 2 crowns) or 3x stems (with 2 crowns each) for $30, length of stem is at least 6"... Plant is still in the tank and will pull out/trim if...
  4. joraan

    For Sale: 2x Eriocalon Goias Shipped.

    Super easy to grow. you will get the bigger 1 as pictured. Guaranteed live arrival, as long as there is no USPS shipping delays. 40$ Shipped.
  5. K

    For Sale: Crazy Summer Sale! Rare Stuff And Uncommon Package! Look No

    USPS Priority = $8 2 x Eriocaulon "Quinquangular" Red = $35 1 x Eriocaulon "Malayatoor" = $9 1 x Eriocaulon "Sulawesi" ( Smallest Eriocaulon ) = $15 3 x Rotala Mexicana "Araguaia" = $15 2x2 on SS Screen Buce Moss ( NO ALGAE, VERY LUSH, NOT NEWLY TIED ) = $45 5 x Alternanthera...
  6. LRJ

    For Sale: Easy Plants

    Greetings! ------------------------------------------------------------- All plants grown submerged. Will likely contain Pink Ramshorn snails/eggs. Little to no visible algae. $8 shipping (via USPS Priority Mail). PayPal only. -------------------------------------------------------------- Pearl...
  7. Dennis Singh

    For Sale: Randoms

    Vietnam moss on rock $8 per Sonolestoma terragon gunung sumpit 1x1 patch $15 syngonanthus Manaus x5 $22 shipped, x10 $33 shipped plagionum thrichromes x5 leaves $10 Distichophyllum maibarae 1x1 $12 Cameroon moss 1x1 $10 Rotala macrandra variegated $5 per stem Madagascar moss $8 per patch 2x2...
  8. burr740

    For Sale: Lots Of Plants - $4 Kimberly & Pantanal - Barclaya Red - Gratiola - Rugosa - 53b - More Stuff!!

    Hello Everyone, hope all your tanks are doing well. :) ======================================== Everything grown fully submerged in my own tanks. Minor algae is possible but most things have none visible. Any snails that happen to sneak by are absolutely free. Shoot me a PM if you have any...
  9. M

    For Sale: Plant Trim Package #2

    Plants included to the package: - Ludwigia Senegalensis ×5 - Pogostemon Erectus ×5 - Climnopodium sp. Brownei ×5 - Bacopa Colorata ×3 - Limnophila Aromatica Mini ×3 $33 shipped (US only) Plants will be trimmed from the tank in the Picture
  10. Phishless

    For Sale: Phishless's Trim # 5 Gone!

    8 - Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides $1 for 10 nodes 8 - Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (micro sword) $1 for 10 nodes 8 - Ambulia $1 each 10 - Ranunculus inundatus $1 each 10 - lobelia cardinalis $1.50 each, larger plants 2 - 25 stem bunches of pearlweed $3 each bunch 6 - ludwigia sp. Red $1 each Gone 8 -...
  11. K

    For Sale: Bunches/ala Carte (common To Rare) Plants

    So I have estimates of the plants I will trim... First to list are the bunches, the count posted is the 'minimum' so expect to receive more stems... And of course, will throw in a few random FREEBIES! 7x Sphaerocaryum malaccense = $10 6x Rotala mini 'butterfly' = $8 SOLD 5x Limnophila...
  12. ThePlantedDimension

    For Sale: High Tech Hardware Setup For Sale! $400 Takes All!

    The tank is no longer setup, but all the hardware is still available! I would like to add that I am not willing to part this out and prefer a local sale of the whole setup or we can work out shipping at buyers cost. There are no algae issues. Link to journal w/ pics...
  13. P

    For Sale: Plant Sale - Algae & Pest Free Tissue Cultures

    Algae & Pest Free Tissue Cultures - $8 Shipping Althernanthera Reineckii Mini - $10 each Alternanthera reineckii Purple - $10 each Amblystegium serpens 'Nano Feather Moss’ - $10 each Cryptocoryne Petchii Pink - $10 each Cryptocoryne undulata "Broad Leaves" - $10 each Cryptocoryne Lutea - $10...
  14. joraan

    For Sale: Rare Microsorum Pteropus "red"+erios

    Rare Microsorum pteropus "Red"~(Red Java Fern), Had this plant for 10+ years, Leaves turns bright red under optimum condition. 2nd picture shows the size as compared to 16 oz food container. ~70$ for all pictured. Need to clear some space for more plants... 3 Big Eriocaulon sp. An son river~...
  15. M

    For Sale: Plant Trim Package

    Plant Trim Package 5 Bacopa Colorata 5 Pogostemon Erectus 5 Climnopodium Sp. Brownei 5 Ludwigia Inclanata Cuba (Rooted) 5+ Rotala Magenta (Rooted) Will include extra plant(s) $38 Shipped via USPS Priority (US ONLY) Grown in high tech set up. Please mind your weather. PM if interested.
  16. flowerfishs

    For Sale: Anubias Stardust

  17. M

    For Sale: Pogostemon Helferi Red Aka Downoi Red

    $18 per crown (Rooted) Big crowns on the picture are actual plants for sale Grown in high tech environment Local pick up in Kent, WA or can ship it for additional $8 (US only) Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks...
  18. K

    For Sale: Dhg 'belem', Hygrophila Serpyllum, Rotala Mexicana 'goias'

    Tank was in dire need for a trim/rescape, have a few plant species to let go... All submersed grown... DHG 'belem' - $10 per 3"x3" portion Hygrophila serpyllum - $10 per 20x nodes Rotala mexicana 'Goias' - $10 per 20x stems (at least 2") Add $7 USPS Priority shipping (CONUS), can combine...
  19. Chad

    For Sale: Plants For Sale

    Shipping is $7 USPS priority for a small flat rate box with tracking. $15 order total please. All plants are grown in my tanks with high light/ferts/co2. Paypal only. Stem Sale! Get a small flat rate box stuffed of Limnophila Aromatica Mini or Rotala Rotundifolia for $25 shipped. I will...
  20. K

    For Sale: Plant Package

    I have some "trimmings" (not rooted) for sale, you'll get: 12x Rotala mexicana 'Goias' 2x Pogostemon heidelberg 2x Hygrophila sp 'Araguaia' 2x Ludwigia mini 'super red' 4x Lindernia rotundifolia 'variegated' 3x Rotala wallichii 10+ nodes Hygrophila serpyllum Freebie or two Plants are still in...