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  1. E

    For Sale: Fluval Spec & Ada Mini-m

    Hi All, I have two old tanks I'd like to get off my hands for Los Angeles, CA pick-up. 1) Used Fluval spec 2.6 gallon ($20) 2) Used ADA mini-M + used ADA glass cover ($30) > Add ADA garden mat for $8 > Add used Finnex PX360 for $20 Or the mini-M + glass cover + garden mat +...
  2. E

    For Sale: Bolbitis, A. Reineckii & More!

    Hi All, I've done a massive trim of many of my tanks and have quite a bit of plants to sell. The attached pictures are the actual plants for sale! - NEW Rotala sp green x1 pot $6 (2 left) - NEW Rotala wallichii x1 pot $5 (3 available) - NEW Staurogyne repens x1 pot $6 (3 available) - NEW...
  3. Phishless

    For Sale: Mid-october Sale (various Plants)

    Another general trim needs to happen. Can't call it a large trim since they are always a large trim.:rolleyes: All my tanks have CO2 and at least EI fert levels. Snails are possible but I try to clean before shipping. Some singles that are of impressive size! 7 - L.cardinalis small form $1.50...
  4. C

    For Sale: New Batch Of Echinodorus Sp. 2009 From Iguazu 45 Each

    I have a new batch of Echinodorus sp. 2009 from Iguazu for sale, please see the pictures. 45USD each, 115USD for 3pcs, first come first serve.
  5. A

    For Sale: Plant Trimmings

    pogostemon kimberly $4ea ludwiga senegalensis $4ea ludwiga pantanal $4ea ludwiga sp red $3ea erio vietnam $5ea rotala enie $3ea crypt flamingo $15ea crypt nurii $20 macrandra mini type 4 $4ea large buce brownie brown $30ea shipping usps $8-16
  6. Dennis Singh

    For Sale: Plant List

    erio goias ibateri x1 $10, x2 for $15 ludwigia senegalensis $3 each (sold out) ludwigia pantanal $3 each [sold out] syngonanthus rio negro giant $5 each syngonanthus madeira $5 each syngonanthus lago grande $4 each syngonanthus belem $2 each Syngonanthus rio uaupes $10 each tonina Jurua (looking...
  7. K

    For Sale: *rare* 2x2 Loose Portion Of Buce Moss!

    *rare* 2x2 LOOSE PORTION of Buce Moss! Generous Portions. $35 + $8 USPS Priority.
  8. E

    For Sale: [sold] H. Pinnatifida, H. Corymbosa, Pearlweed, Rotala Wallichii

    Hi All, I've got a large plant pack that I'm trying to sell [ASAP] so I can break the tanks down. Price is $20 shipped. The small flat rate USPS box is going to be PACKED. - Hygrophila pinnatifida LRG x2 pot (~7 stems, ~4+" tall) - Hygrophila corymbosa MED x2 pot (~7 stems ea, ~2 to 3" tall) -...
  9. E

    For Sale: Large Xmas Moss Mats (great For Shrimp!)

    Hi All! I got some super shrimp moss mats that are excellent additions to your shrimp tanks. I have 4 very large and dense moss mats for sale for $16 each shipped or buy all of them for $48 shipped. Each of these mats contain a black polyethylene base (shown in picture) along with a stainless...
  10. joraan

    For Sale: Starburst (bluestar) Endlers

    2 Pair of Starburst (Bluestar) Endlers~$30+ Shipping($15). Males Extremely colorful and shrimps Friendly.
  11. joraan

    For Sale: Red And Green!

    8-10 Stems of Pantanal. 10~ish Stems of Pogostemon Erectus. $59~Shipped.
  12. Phishless

    For Sale: Stem Package Mid-sept

    For sale, higher end stem package. Was $33 Now $30 shipped! Lower 48 only. All stems will be trimmed tops to about 6" in length. Will include: 4 - limnophila aromatica 4 - pogostemon kimberly 4 - pogostemon stellatus 3 - polysperma sunset 4 - ambulia 4 - ammannia senegalensis 2 - persicaria...
  13. K

    For Sale: Spiky And Pointed Spear Moss Mats (wysiwyg)

    Got few 4"x1.25" mesh pads of these rarely offered moss for sale... Healthy moss grown in low light no ferts tank so it's safe you want to put this in your shrimp tanks... Asking for $20 each pads, Spiky or Pointed Spear of your choice, and if you buy 2 (1 of each or the same) it's $36... 3 and...
  14. Hardwell

    For Sale: Small Trim For Sale.

    Random 20 healthy stems of the following $17 shipped. Plants are grown in cool water with high light and CO2. Will be shipped priority mail wrapped in a wet paper towel. Will cut and send after payment has been sent. USA only. Pogostemon Kimberly Ludwidgia Cuba Pogostemon Stellatus Persicaria...
  15. Phishless

    For Sale: Late August Sale

    8 - Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides $1 for 10 nodes 8 - Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (micro sword) $1 for 10 nodes 20 - Ranunculus inundatus $1 each 12- lobelia cardinalis $1.00 each, larger plants 4 - didiplis diandra $1 each 3 - cypress helferi $2 each 4 -limnophila aromatica mini $1 each 2 - pogostemon...
  16. S

    For Sale: Plants Trimming Package

    Hello! What is shown in the picture is approximately half of what will be shipped... actual shipped quantities are listed in offering. The photo is to represent the size of trimming sent. USPS flat rate priority box. Plants shipped rolled in wet paper towel and bag with air. Top row, left...
  17. K

    For Sale: Plant Trim Pack

    Hello! I am offering what listed below for $33 shipped USPS Priority, CONUS only... Below are the plants you'll receive: 4x Limnophila sp. 'Belem' 6x Rotala sp. 'Bangladesh' 3x ludwigia senegalensis 2x Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Pantanal' 4x Ludwigia mini 'super red' 7x Sphaerocaryum...
  18. K

    For Sale: *rares* Uncommon Plant Package, Eriocaulons, Hydropiper, Buce Moss! Wow

    USPS Priority Shipping = $8 1x1 Stainless Steel Screen Buce Moss = $15 2x2 Stainless Steel Screen Buce Moss = $40 1x1 Loose Elatine Hydropiper = $10 5 x 2+ Inch Stems Cabomba RED Belem ( This red plant grows sideways and creeps along the substrate ) = $18 5 x Cuphea Anagalloidea = $10...
  19. Phishless

    For Sale: Red Stem Package

    10 - ammannia senegalensis 10 - rotala magenta 4 - ludwigia sp. red 2 - ludwigia peruensis 4 - Alternanthera reineckii 2 - Alternanthera lilacina Shipped for $25 USD
  20. Phishless

    For Sale: Ranunculus Inundatus Gone!

    20 stems of ranunculus inundatus shipped for $24 Most likely extras of this plant during the trim!