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  1. Phishless

    For Sale: Plants For Sale April 2nd "gone"

    4 - lobelia cardinalis $1 each 5 - ammannia senegalensis $1 each 20 nodes - Hydrocoytyle sibthorpioides 6 - rotala nanjenshan 9 - ludwigia repens 10 - ludwigia brevipes 4 - pogostemon pumilis 4 - ranunculus inundatus Possible bladder/pond snails, I try to remove all. No algae present on these...
  2. joraan

    For Sale: Blyxa Japinoca

    Blyxa Japonica~20 stems~30$ shipped.
  3. S

    For Sale: Nupro / Swagelok Ny-2m-k6 Vernier Handle Kit

    Hi, I have 4 of these kits which I am willing to sell (25 each) I purchased a few of these for some DIY regulator builds but I have too many projects going on. If anyone is interested just drop me a line. I honestly would prefer trade for aquarium related items. Looking for plants, mosses...
  4. A

    For Sale: Current Orbit Ic Led+wave Maker Kit

    Not available anymore, can admins remove this please. Thanks!
  5. Phishless

    For Sale: Phishless 1st New Year Sale Gone!

    8 - lobelia cardinalis $1 each 20 - ammannia senegalensis $1 each 4 portions - Hydrocoytyle sibthorpioides $4 (40 nodes/potion) 5 portions - Hydrocoytyle sp. japan $4 (40 nodes/portion) Possible bladder/pond snails, I try to remove all. No algae present on these specimens. Minimum $12 plants...
  6. C

    For Sale: Rare Crypts: Xtimahensis, Mini Silver Queen, Jacobsenii Pink &pangkal Pinang!

    Rare Cryptocoryne All emersed, no algae, no snail Cryptocoryne Xtimahensis (this is a very rare crypt, it only found at a restricted area located in Singapore, no wild collection anymore) 1pc for 60USD Mini Silver Queen (picure shown as Mother plant, the actual plants are little smaller...
  7. joraan

    For Sale: Erios Vietnam

    10 young Erios Vietnam~18$ shipped.
  8. E

    For Sale: [sold] Erio Breviscapum, Hygro Pinnatifida, S Repens, Dwarf Hair Grass, Myrio Guyana, Rotala

    Hi All, I got another batch of plants I'm trying to sell to make room for new growth! The plants shown are pictures of the ACTUAL plants for sale! Here's what I got for sale: Picture 1 (top left to bottom right): - Hygrophila pinnatifida L x1 pot $3 (4 stems of ~8" tall) [3 available] -...
  9. K

    For Sale: Christmas Sale For Ludwigia "whites"! 10 Stems For $38 + Ship!!!

    USPS Priority = $8 10 x Ludwigia "WHITE"!!! ALL STEMS ARE ROOTED! NO CUTTINGS! All stems are from 1st FIRST PHOTO ( Current Pic ), ranging from 3-8+ inches long rooted!!! RANDOM GRAB! = Only $38 bucks!
  10. K

    For Sale: Ludwigia Whites Are Here! Rare & Uncommon Plants & Moss. [email protected]@k

    $8 USPS Priority. 72 HOUR HEAT PACKS ARE $2 EXTRA! MIND YOUR OWN WEATHER! I wont be responsible for below freezing if you dont buy a heat pack! ========================================= ========================================= Ludwigia "WHITES" You will get the WHOLE ROOTED STEM! NOT...
  11. E

    For Sale: [big Sale!!] Staurogyne, H. Pinnatifida & Augustifolia,rotala Rotundifolia & Wallichii, A. Reineckii

    Hi All, It's that time of the month again! I did another massive trim/reorganization of my tanks and have a lot of plants to sell. I have ALOT of staurogyne repens grown submersed as well! Take a look at the prices and pictures below. The pictures are the actual plants for sale. - Staurogyne...
  12. Hardwell

    For Sale: Basic Plants, 30+ Stems, $20

    All stems coming from a Dutch 55g tank with dry ferts, co2 and moderate light at 60PAR at the substrate. Will be selling off trimmings every month or so, each package will be slightly different due to different plant growth rates. Will be shipped priority mail with a wet paper towel. $20 total...
  13. joraan

    For Sale: Aquatic Weeds!!!

    10X Ludwigia Senegalensis~25$ 10XRotala macrandra variegated~40$. 10X Lud. Pantanala~40$ 10X Lud. Super Red~20$ 10X Erio Vietnam, you have instant Erios foreground tank.~40$ 5X Eriocaulon feather duster 4-5 tall slender leaves, you have instant Erios Mid-background. 40$. 4X Erios...
  14. N

    For Sale: Gla Pro 3 Regulator $200 Sold

    Selling my 9 month d GLA pro 3. It’s in excellent condition and works flawlessly, as yould expect GLA stuff to. I e been doing differ t stuff lately, so I’m Leto g go of this bad boy. Paid $370- asking $200 PayPal friends and family and buyers pays shippong(conus only). Feel free to ask any...
  15. M

    For Sale: Huge Stauro Clump/cheap Plant Package

    I have a big mass of Staurogyne Repens. Its about 100 plantlets all tied together with a huge root stystem I keep a journal here on this forum * Edit * had to toss the Stauro. Ill make a new sale post soon. Lots of healthy grown colorful stems !!!
  16. M

    For Sale: Co2 Equipment For Sale

    I’m selling the following CO2 equipment: ADA Drop checker. It has a grey suction cup. $25 + shipping. CO2 reactor with brass check valve. $30 + shipping CO2 Regulator. This regulator came from Green Leaf Aquarium. It has an upgraded solenoid, an Ideal Needle Valve, and a brass check valve...
  17. joraan

    For Sale: Erio Vietnam+feather Duster

    10X Erio Vietnam, you have instant Erios foreground tank. One of the Easiest Erios... 10 for 50$. Eriocaulon feather duster 4-5 tall slender leaves, you have instant Erios Mid-background tank. One of the Easiest Erios... 5 for $50. Both Erios does ok with or without co2. Also grows slow...
  18. M

    For Sale: [nib] Fulval Fx6

  19. K

    For Sale: Uncommon Plant Package And Others....

    USPS Priority = $8 =================================================== 1x2 LOOSE Portion BUCE MOSS = $20 2x2 LOOSE Portion BUCE MOSS = $35 =================================================== 1x2 LOOSE Portion Java Spring AKA Mini Weeping Moss = $15...
  20. joraan

    For Sale: Red Plants Mostly.

    Rotala Green ~15 Stems. Hand full of Najas Roraima. Pogostemon Erectus~ 5 stems. Lud. Pantanala~5 stems. Alternanthera reineckii ocipus~Big and beautiful red color~8-10 Stems. Ludwigia Senegalensis~ 5-7 stems. Ludwigia Super 'Red'/mini red~5-8 Stems. All for $ 62 Shipped. Guaranteed live...