for sale

  1. PhilipS

    For Sale: Bunches Of Alternanthera Reineckii Var Roseafolia

  2. fablau

    For Sale: Big Anubias Chunk (anubias Barteri Var. Nana) - $20

    Hello everyone, I have a big chunk of Anubias barteri var. nana that has to go. The chunk is 9" x 6" x 5" in size. $20 shipped. Please, PM me or reply to this thread if interested. Thanks! Fab.
  3. F

    For Sale: $20 Plant Package Syn. Belem And B. Japonica

    I have two plant packages for sale that will have the following plants! 10 Syngonathus sp. 'belem' (a couple of stems have between 3-4 heads) 8x Blixa sp. 'japonica' All algae free and no stunted growth. VERY HEALTHY. $20 + $8.00 shipping
  4. PhilipS

    For Sale: Plethora Of Plants

  5. K

    For Sale: Ludwigia Whites, Rare Eriocaulons, Moss.

    Ludwigia "WHITES", Rare Eriocaulons, Mosses, OtherzZ ^___^;; USPS Priority Mail = $9. Mind your weather. I take (Paypal friends/family OR ADD FEES, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle) ========================================= 5 x Ludwigia "WHITES/PINK" (These are super white/pink, and beautiful as...
  6. M

    For Sale: 30$+ - Hardscape Packs

    Selling 10 packs of seiryu stone. Prices include shipping. Packs are available if not crossed out. Packs can be combined (message for price). 5 Pounds: 30$ Pack 1: Pack 2: Sold 10 Pounds: 40$ Pack 3: Pack 4...
  7. U

    For Sale: Orange Pumpkin Neocaridina Shrimps 10+1 $40 Shipped

    I have these orange shrimps for sale. You will get juvies to adult. Local contactless pick up welcome. Water parameters: Temp: 75-78°F GH: 7-9 KH: 2-4 pH: 7-8 TDS: ~200 Here are some more pictures Shipping Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail (Express for...
  8. K

    For Sale: Rares, Plant Package, Erios, Mosses. L@@k

    USPS Priority Mail = $9. Mind your weather. =========================================== 1 x Ludwigia "Mini" Sphaerocarpa ( this is the MINI Version ) = $20 or 2 for $35 =========================================== 1 x Blood Vomit = $15 or 2 for $25 ===========================================...
  9. Import

    For Sale: Giant Duckweed + Bacopa Monnieri

    Hi everyone! Have been looking to get rid of an excessive amount of Giant duckweed that I have as well as Bacopa stalks. Theyre all grown emersed and outside even surviving a recent hurricane that swept through. Prices: Giant Duckweed - $5 for two giant handfuls or $15 for as much as I can...
  10. G

    For Sale: Gla Co2 Regulator

    Green Leaf Aquarium CO2 regulator. Regulator works perfect used a total of about two years. Bubble counter needs to be replaced. Unit has all original components since being built new from Green Leaf Aquariums. This is a very high quality unit and was their professional line. Parts are available...
  11. K

    For Sale: Rare Plants. Ludwigia Whites. Ludwigia "mini" Sphaerocarpa. Buce Moss. Erios.

    USPS Priority Mail = $9. Mind your weather. 1 x ROOTED Plant Ludwigia "Mini" Sphaerocarpa ( this is the MINI Version ) 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. Super rare and beautiful = $65 5 x Ludwigia "White" ( Beautiful white/pink stems ) = $40 Cuphea Anagalloidea = 5 stems for $10...
  12. M

    For Sale: Floaters And Hardscape

    All prices include shipping. Payments through paypal. Hardscape: Selling a pack of Seiryu Stone. Pack is about 17 pounds. I will include flexible scaping twigs in the pack. 45$. Pack: Largest stones under 9 inches. Twigs: Plants: 5...
  13. P

    For Sale: Various Aquarium Plants

    Have the following plants Minimum $20 order please. Relatively new on this site but I am on other sites if you are looking for feedback. Eriocaulon Vietnam - $5/plant - 10 available. Bushy plant. Stays Low. Bolbitis (Creeping fern) - $8/plant 3" Rizome. Leaves min 7-8" long HC (Baby tears) -...
  14. D

    Wanted: Driftwood For Sale

    hey all, anyone know of some manzanita driftwood for sale around Hawthorne, california? or if its possible to get a large box of driftwood from Mr. Barr still? thanks in advance
  15. N

    For Sale: Bucephalandra Sylvia

    Fully submerged clump for 3 months. 45$ including shipping. Wyswyg.
  16. Tom Barr

    For Sale: Buce Pygmeaea Mat Non Co2 Grown

    Nice large 7X7 inch mat, maybe 7-9 good sized plants. 80$ 8 to ship. About 8-9$ a nice size plant all tank grown.
  17. superflame

    For Sale: German Half Black Pastel Guppy Fish Guppies + Mini Pellia

  18. joraan

    For Sale: Rotala Enie!

    Anyone wants Rotala Enie ?? All you see in the picture...maybe 25-30 stems trimming(NOT with Root)~$38 to your door.
  19. J

    For Sale: New In Box Kessil Controller

    I have a new in box Kessil Spectral Controller X that I have no use for. Went in another direction. Asking $80,thanks!
  20. P

    For Sale: Crinum, Buce, Anubias And Others

    Please be aware of your weather. If you are local to the Washington DC metro you are welcome to pickup. Have the following plants Crinum - Mature - About 15-20 leaves. Had it for few years. It's huge. Redoing scape and no longer fits in the new scape. - Sold Eriocaulon Vietnam - $5/plant - 8...