1. Grant Varcoe

    Light Globes For Plants And Freshwater Tropical Fish.

    I have 2 x housing EXO terra type so i have put globes in that promotes the word NATURAL lighting with full spectrum not sure if this is ok or bad for fish.. as everywhere you look on information on these products it always relates back to Frogs Turtles or Reptiles ( snakes,Lizards ). But it has...
  2. Aleksei

    Hello Aquamen And Women!

    Fishtank 1.5 yrs by Aleksei posted Mar 3, 2018 at 1:37 PM Hello Aqua Freaks! My name is Aleksei, I'm living in Utah, but moving to Iowa in the summer to become a chem PhD student.
  3. santiago

    I Think My Ember Tetras Laid Eggs

    I was treating my ember tetras from ich by heating the tank to 86 degree. I added an air stone and a new HOB filter to add more o2 to the tank. By the third day of heat treating the fish, most of the visible white spots were gone. I planning to treat them longer about 10 more days, and I notice...
  4. E

    Co2 Supplementation, Ph Drop And Fish

    I'm adding CO2 but intentionally not going for the full 1.0 pH drop (just want some supplementation, not fully high-tech, all low-demand plants). I keep the pH between 7.3 and 7.5 (pH probe on a regulator solenoid). I'd like to avoid wasting CO2 at night, but if I turn it off, the pH jumps...
  5. santiago

    All My Panda Corys Died

    My son has a heavily planted dutch/jungle Fluval Spec V with one betta. It's been 5 months and we been through green hair algae, diatoms and green spot algae. To battle all the algae issues we had to covert our low tech to high tech by adding more stem plants, r/o water, co2, surface skimmer...
  6. AtticusFynch

    Betta Sudden Fin Rot And Death

    I've got a 55 gallon tank, heavily planted. It's a community tank, with 1 betta, 9 harlequin rasboras, 4 african dwarf frogs, 7 cories, 5 otos, about 15 amano shrimp and a mix of pond and ramshorn snails. Last night I came home to find one dead frog, and my betta with extreme fin rot. Fins were...
  7. Seattle_Aquarist

    *FREE Presentation* Fish Collecting in Peru @GSAS; January 9th

    *FREE Presentation* Fish Collecting in Peru hosted by Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS) - Jan 9th The Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS) is pleased pleased to announce our January 9th GSAS speaker is our very own Dean Tweeddale. Dean has been a GSAS member since the 1980's...
  8. J

    Quarantine procedures

    hello everyone, i was just wondering what everyone’s quarantine practices are. How long do you keep fish in qt, do you medicate, etc etc? I know some people dont share equipment between main tank and qt tank, but is that really necessary?
  9. D

    Pond Tropical Fish?

    We just got done making a huge 4000 gallon pond (rounded up its 4k gallons, maybe more.) and we are planning to get a bluegill of somekind, and that's all we have right now on the list... has a pea gravel substrate and a separate bog pond attached to it that's about a foot deep. Wondering if...
  10. T

    Stocking ideas

    I'm in process of setting up a planted 55 gallon. It's going to have lots of vallisneria and different hygros. I've always wanted a tiger or black ruby barb tank. I'm looking for someone with experience to give me ideas. What are your thoughts on this stocking list? 10 tiger barbs or black ruby...
  11. Asian Stone Mini Catfish

    Asian Stone Mini Catfish

    From Aquatic Arts
  12. Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    From Aquatic Arts
  13. Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    From Aquatic Arts
  14. Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    From Aquatic Arts
  15. Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    From Aquatic Arts
  16. Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    From Aquatic Arts
  17. Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    Blue Neon Dwarf Goby

    From Aquatic Arts
  18. D

    Feeding Scheduals, will it work?

    Lately I have been testing out just feeding my fish every other day... Monday I will feed. Tuesday I wont, then Wednesday I will, so on so forth. Is this still ok and healthy for the fish? So far they seem to not mind... Reason im doing this is because when I feed my fish everyday, there is...
  19. Omar EAZi

    Ich / Ick cure and treatment

    So I read this really nicely explained thread about ich and how to treat it with heat and salt without having to add meds. I thought I'd share it here for other members to benefit from it. White Spot Disease Synonyms: Ich, Ick Symptoms: Early signs of white spot begin when fish flick...
  20. D

    Free: The First RAOK!

    So I think ill do the honors of doing the first RAOK (random act of kindness) on here this year that ive seen. This RAOK includes: Over 2 handfuls of Bacopa Monnieri Stems of Ludwigia Arcuata Some stems of Ammania sp. Bonsai Some Stems of Ludwigia Rubin about 10 golfball size portions (or...